"I can't breathe," the famous last words of George Floyd, who died during a police arrest. The streets are burning with protestors claiming his fight against inequality, but as people protest for his death, there are some who wants to look into a different side of him by digging up his crimes.

Many see him as an unlikely hero that opened the tensions that had been brewing for a long time as a white police officer killed him for a $20 bogus bill, reported by The Courier Daily.

Soon after, he is benighted and seen as a victim of the establishment, but the establishment who reported him to the police, is painting a picture of a typical black man with a criminal record on several counts.

Derek Chauvin, put a knee to his neck which caused his death. But the officers are disgraced, though the damage is done and America burns. The four officers were jailed for what they did.

In the essence of fairness, the background of Floyd was revealed pinpointing all the crimes he committed.  

On June 1, the Union Chief of Minneapolis Police (MPD) exposed Floyd as a violent criminal and no one will broadcast it. Some people even called the protest a terrorist plot..

Floyd made an honest living as a bouncer in a resto. He was even lecturing younger kids on giving up violence that was a contrast to what police officials claim, confirmed by the Guardian.

He moved to Minnesota from Houston to start anew. In 2014, he was jailed 5 years in Houston for a 1st-degree felony. Floyd went out of jail and left the place to start a better life. But it was cut short by Derek Chauvin when he was choked to death.

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Breaking and entering

One of the convictions revealed was in 2009 wherein he did say he was guility for a felony charge, when he assault and armed robbery in 2007, staying incarcerated for 5 years meaning to commit robbery on the woman's property.

During the robbery, the Daily Mail says that the victim saw him, and he put a gun to his belly and entered the house.

According to Daily Mail (UK), the court reported the victim identified George, the tallest, who pressed a pistol to her stomach and forced his way into the house.

Is George Floyd an addict?

An autopsy report, allegedly stated that he had taken Fentanyl, which affects the brain and the experience of pain for the one ingesting it.

When the Hennepin County medical examiners checked his corpse last June 2, 2020; they found traces of fentanyl, Methamphetamine and some compounds of cannabis and morphine that was in his system, at the time of death.

According to the report, Floyd died of complications brought about by another thing besides a knee to the neck. He had coronavirus RNA and he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Caught with cocaine

During the 90s, he was involved in two linked conviction, which was owning and stealing cocaine. But there was uncertainty if Floyd spent time in jail for it.

In August of 1998, he was jailed for 10 months in Harris County Jail for robbery, according to USA Gag.

One more minor offence is getting detained in 2002 for a month because of trespassing in another's property.

In Dec 2005, Floyd got nabbed for cocaine, and served 10 months in a jail cell.

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