The younger brother of George Floyd, Terrence Floyd, called out to protesters in Minneapolis to establish peaceful protests in a speech on June 1. He also urged the public to vote amid brutal demonstrations that have awakened the city since George Floyd's murder.

Terrence said at the area where George died after a policeman knelt on his neck on Monday, "If I'm not over here blowing up stuff, messing up my community, what are y'all doing? Y'all doing nothing." He noted that what they are doing is not going to bring his brother back, as posted by NBC News on Twitter.

George dying in the custody of Derek Chauvin and other police officers have led to the advent of massive protests.

He was sided by New York activist Chris Banks, executive director of East New York United Concerned Citizens Inc., and Reverend Kevin McCall.

Terrence Floyd told ABC News that he desires for justice to be imposed over the police officers that need to be accountable for his George's death.

According to Fox News, "(S)ometimes I get angry, I want to bust some heads, too," Terrence Floyd remarked. "I wanna ... just go crazy. But I'm here." He shared that his brother is not about violence, but of peace and that he was a gentle giant.

The protests emerged after a video surface of 46-year-old George having difficulty breathing amid the white police officer forcing a knee into his neck for almost 9 minutes.

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The younger brother was in tears at the area where George was arrested telling the crowds. He told the crowds that he acknowledges that the public is frustrated, but he doubts that they are half as upset as he is.

He shared that his family is peaceful and God-fearing, as reported by Daily Mail. He pleaded for people to switch it up and carry out protests peacefully because his brother would not want them to be doing this.

Terrence said that equivalent to police violence, the same action has been transpiring as they protest and destroy stuff, not moving.

His knees bended while presented with a large painting commemorating George, with an outline of a person on the ground illustrating the spot wherehis brother was murdered by a policeman, ABC News said. In prayer, he then knelt at the shrine where numerous people had left flowers. His emotionality persuaded the throngs of people to put an end to the violence in demonstrations.

Also, a Brooklyn preacher spoke Wednesday on behalf of Terrence.

"Terrence Floyd is overwhelmed at this moment and he wanted to be here today but he told me to deliver this message on his behalf as his spokesman; he wanted to call for peace," according to Rev. Kevin McCall. He added that Terrence wanted to call for justice and that you cannot get one without the other.

Terrence provided the heart-stirring speech the 38th Street and Chicago Avenue South's intersection at Minneapolis.

Vogue reported that someone at the crowd shouted, "It's not us," while another called out, "White nationalists."

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