One scientist declared that bird flu of apocalyptic magnitude can do what the current pandemic has done on a larger scale that will kill most people, reported by the NYPost.

Chickens which is popular on dinner tables and one of the fast-food staples like fried chicken, could be a source of an epidemic which will alledgedly result in more deaths than coronavirus.

According to DNYUZ, the scientist and doctor, Dr Michael Gregor in his book called "How to Survive a Pandemic" made the warning that an unforeseen virus will reach apocalyptic levels all because of the demand for chicken meat. This will be coming from crowded and unclean chicken farms that might be the harbinger of a human race ending viral contagion making COVID-19 look like a hiccup.

According to Greger an avowed vegan, claimed that as epidemics go, the COVID-19 that registers a fatality percentage of 0.5% should be a minor rank of 3. But, the one contagion to beat all contagions is 100% more virulent with a fatality of 1 in everyone 2 victims, thus a possible death knell for the majority of humankind or civilization diminished to almost zero.

While Gregor is convinced that poultry will be endnote and the prime cause, other claims by environmentalists warn early in May that wildlife will spawn epidemics unless a distance is kept and letting animals exist in their habitat peacefully.

Next, Greger made a point by saying that pandemics keep transmitting from human to human uncontrollably, so if it does happen is moot, but when will it hit humanity, it is destructive like a tsunami.

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Several viral contagions like the Spanish Flu and H5N1 are examples of this. Also, in most cases, viruses do mutate and adapts but will revert should the change be not suitable to infect the host. Hidden viruses waits and lurks, and virus scientist a mollified by such possibilities.

During the outbreak that originated in Hong Kong, with origins from a bird market that had a three-year-old boy suffering several symptoms. The boy had a sore throat with an aching stomach that causes his blood to curdle which is followed with acute respiratory and organ failure. Only 18 people got sick, with a third of victims dying from it, confirmed by ReportDoor.

When it was determined that the Bird flu pandemic was caused by poultry, about 1.3 million chickens were culled to stop the virus from spreading any further. Soon after two more outbreaks from 2003 to 2009, but not in China.

Poultry or chickens are one of the meat staples all over the globe, which is not easy to replace. As a solution, Gregor suggests to consider big changes in how poultry is raised and produced. This means less big chicken farm that gives antibiotics, chances of passing pathogens is less with smaller, or free-range farms to produce the chicken or duck meat.

He added there is a need to do away with large scale farmed poultry that is fed artificially, and are crammed together to pass diseases, free-range farms which are smaller and eventually not eating chickens or ducks at all.

The cycle of pandemics can be stopped, and the Bird Flu can be prevented by stopping the consumption of chicken.

The DailyMailUK said that Gregor added, if there is poultry then a pandemic might happen. So, it will be chicken or humans. Will the apocalyptic bird flu end the human race, or some natural catastrophe?

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