The rift between the US and China has affected another aspect which is education, as many US visas will be denied particularly those of Chinese graduate students.

Reuters reports that the worsening relationship of Washington and Beijing will branch out to another area of conflict, this time education.

CCP to infiltrate US through universities?

According to President Donald Trump, education is another gateway that the CCP exploits to gain information about the United States, with links to the People's Liberation Army, citing two sources with information about it last Thursday.

This is why the US government is restricting the entry of many Chinese students, which is important with the expansionism of China and utilizing all avenues to infiltrate the US.

Confirmed by the New York Times, based on the news report that noted it will affect as many as 3,000 to 5,000 students which will be announced in the week. One of them is a US Official that choose to be anonymous, with another one who knew about it because of connections to internal affairs.

The apparent cause of this drastic development that is driving the two countries into butting heads is the decision of Beijing to forge on with the national security legislation for Hong Kong. This move is feared by the US and the West since it will give the CCP a stranglehold that will choke out the freedom of the former British colony, destroy its reputation as a financial center in Asia.

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By seizing control of the Island, China will annex this as another mini-China that will have dire consequences to many, not just mainland China. It is left to be seen how the drama in Hong Kong plays out and how it affects US relations and the world.

With Beijing's seizure of Hong Kong, US is considering revocation of the special status accord by the US government.

As the plan goes, all Chinese students in US institutions will be kicked out, including their expulsion from the universities and colleges. Based on info from the source, those who are scheduled to go back are not even allowed to return to the United States.

The main objective of US behind this decision

This action is geared to protect the United States and its institutions from the threats from CCP, which is speculated be involved in shady activities.

Beijing is notorious in purloining intellectual property and spying using educational centres. Chinese infiltrators use these tactics to enter without any suspicious intent. According to discussions in deep circles, the Trump administration will be facing opposition from these education centres because of the financial impact of losing Chinese students, as reported by the Victor Harbor Times.

Many US schools earn a lot from Chinese students, about $14 billion from fees and other expenses paid by them.

Denying visas will be a contention point of the US and China, as the two economies that are hammering it out about trade and the pandemic. Visas will not be revoked immediately, but will be under deliberation for several months, reported the source. It is only one of the flashpoints in US-China relations, that has gotten worse.

Revoking Chinese visas are just the tip of the iceberg as the US-China relations take a downturn.

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