A Tinder date went wrong when a woman ended up choked and was stabbed repeatedly. The suspect dialed 911 to report the murder he committed last Sunday, even requesting be shot as well.

This is what Utah authorities witness on an early Sunday morning- the murder of a woman and oddly the killer turning himself in for his own crime which could not have been odder, according to KSL.

What really took the cake was an express request for the cops to shoot the suspect, which is not normal for most police procedure.

According to the report of the Daily Mail, the authorities were alerted to it by none other than the killer himself.

Events on Sunday morning started with a call from the suspect who dialed 91 at 3:19 in the early hours of the morning.

Desert reports that the alleged killer was identified by the police, Ethan Hunsaker, age-24, who made the call and wanted to be caught for the murder he just committed.

The suspect had no indication of why he committed the random murder and violence against the victim.

Authorities identified the murdered woman as Ashlyn Black, age-25 at the time of her murder. Her identity was confirmed last Monday.

Details of the Tinder date murder

During the call when Hunsaker reported his own crime, he confirmed the address at Layton in 1300 N. Reid, where he admits killing Ashlyn Black inside a residence, said the officers on the scene.

Operators verify that Hunsaker made pleas to shoot him as his wish, which was confirmed by the arresting officers in the crime scene of the murder.

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He waited for the police to arrive on the scene. They came and saw the dead woman on the floor. The victim was stabbed several times in her torso.

Emergency specialists tried to keep her alive. The stab wounds were fatal and she succumbed to the injuries quickly.

Ethan Hunsaker's story

According to the suspected murder, the app Tinder was what facilitated the date with Ashlyn Black that would end in a murder that ended the young woman's life.

On a late Saturday night, what was a ordinary date turned out to be different for two people. If Ashlyn had any inkling of what will come, and avoid the date, she'd be alive now.

Ethan related that they were already exchanging messages on the Tinder dating app, Scallywag and Vagabond reported. It all began when he got the victim's address, a little after 9 pm on a Saturday night.

He went and picked up his future victim from her residence then got into a bar. A while later, the victim went back with him to his residence.

The police said the suspect said he woke up with the victim on his left arm, and choked the life out of her, as she was struggling. Marks were seen on the arms, neck, and shoulders of Hunsaker.

Next, he got a pocket knife from the kitchen, then used it to strike her torso, side, and back, several times fatally.

It was confirmed that nothing happened, but a case of random violence without any cause to kill the victim.

Background checks reveal that he had mental issues. For now, he is at the Davis County Jail with no bail allowed.

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