Iran took everyone by surprise, although it might have been expected, that it will develop an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) which will be a threat to ships of other nations.

 Already Iran has developed systemic warfare capacity that gets a boost from the addition of this specialized equipment to its military forces, having the ability to attack with underwater drones will be a factor to contend with, reported by Forbes in Aerospace & Defense.

If the reports are indeed correct and not just random, then it will like the US Navy and Royal Navy that can field bigger underwater drone vehicles. Possession of it will make the Iran Navy nothing to trifle with.

Comparison to other Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)

This Iranian built and designed UUV is almost equal to the Boeing BA Orca extra-large unmanned underwater vehicle (XLUUV), that is in development for US Navy use. It has the size, with diesel-electric motor drive, and with the necessary technology. Call it the budget model of the Orca, that is more cost-effective, mentioned an article published in USNI.

It was first seen by the public at a ceremony conducted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp's Navy (IRGC-N), to showcase its newest weapons and equipment that shows its increased warfighting capacity. Compared to other services in the Iranian army, the Red Guard is willing to adopt new tactics and weapons for its military operations. One suspicion is the deployment of limpet mines, done tankers plying the Persian Gulf.

By adding the UUVS and limpet mines, the Revolutionary Guard can fight in unorthodox ways that can confound its adversaries in the Persian Gulf.

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In the parade, there were missile and rocket-armed fast attack craft (FACs) that would specialize in different operations, speed boats, frogmen-use underwater chariots as equipment for the Revolutionary Guard. Other craft seen were ground effect aircraft that flies over but not too high, not innovative compared to some new vessels, but UUV is on a different level altogether, reported by GeoPolitics News.

Having the large unmanned underwater vehicles will give the IRGC-N a reputation in the Persian Gulf, as a way to become the premier Navy and add more war-fighting capacity. Also, the long-range given by the diesel-electric propulsion is a bonus for farther striking capacity to the Revolutionary Guard. The UUVs larger size can accommodate more weapons payload and integration. One use will be laying mines safely, without any human piloting it.

Confirmed by the Tehran Times, seen on the casing were two personnel, possibly on who uses a remote controller with one more will be helping with the connection cable used for the controller. Just an early version perhaps, and not conclusive too

Noticeable on the UUV is no protective sail that a person can stand when on top of the water that is an indicator that it can be a drone mini multi-purpose submarine. Allowing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to mount underwater missions, with no danger to personnel.

Most Revolutionary Guard equipment is basic not as complex to similar US equipment, the UUV is basic yet effective, one side has "we can do it" in Iranian. This sub has a cigar-shaped steel hull, and Iran has many mini-subs that they can build, but when remote controls come there is no way to know.

With further development, this Iranian Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) might be developed more to be a match to its counterparts.

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