According to Reuters, five Iranian fuel tankers have entered Venezuela's economic zone that is exclusively theirs last Saturday, but it comes with a warning sent by the US of a considerable reaction if they do so.

The fuel Tanker Fortune was tracked when it reached the borders of Venezuelan waters at approximately 7.40 p.m. local time (1140 GMT), progressing and passing the north most of Trinadad and Tobago.

As soon as the ship were able to steam into the controlled economic zone of Venezuela, a tweet was posted by Tareck El Aissami.

With the threats issued at Iran oil tankers, the ships were provided with a Venezuelan navy vessel and aircraft to rendezvous with them. The armed escort is to mitigate any attack that might be carried out if the US does attack these tankers and make good their threat.

There is a total of 1.53 million barrel of gasoline with alkylate for Venezuela, based on the arrangement of the two countries. All these sources and data calculation were done by this site.

Three nations are in strife

Venezuela is in a crisis as its national supply of fuel is very scarce, and its oil production is shut down with its old refining network. One of the reasons for the dire situation is the tiff that resulted in US sanction, that includes both Venezuela and Iran in the same boat. The sanctions that were levied against Iran applies as well and cost 1.3 barrels of oils which impacted the nation negatively.

How will the Americans react to the situation; accordingly, Washington has not revealed how it will react, commented on an American official who asked not to be identified, who did not give further details.

An increased American naval presence is notice in the Caribbean, as reaction to an anti-drug operation. When the Pentagon was asked for comment, on Thursday, their representative was not aware of activities linked to Iran fuel shipments.

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Dissension in Velenzuela

This much-needed fuel shipment from Iran is not welcomed in Venezuela. Oppositionists are not comfortable with socialist President Nicolas Maduro and Iran, also an economic crisis that has been for six-years.

Tankers coming in are only carrying enough for a whole month of use, the country used to be one of the top fuel exporters, is scrounging for fuel scraps.
One of the oppositionists commented that the dominant party is hell-bent, on reversing a terrible let down, to a credible victory for Maduro. The lawmaker is identified with the National Assembly's energy commission

 Apparent concern for the fuel shipment, prompted the Iranian leader to sound out, possible retaliation should the US makes problems, before they reach Venezuela according to the new outlet Mehr.

Mehr reported according to the Iranian leader that stressed any untoward incident to any of the Iranian tankers, will be a source of regret for the Americans, in an interview.

Prior this, Iran and Venezuela have been subject of US sanctions in 2010-2011, Venezuela help Iran with fuel supply problems, when it got sanctions for its nuclear weapons program.

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