The US Navy warships warn foreign ships in the Persian Gulf to keep away at 100 meters, or such ships will be considered a threat and be dealt with accordingly.

It was issued as Iranian speed boats have harassed US Navy ships with high-speed maneuvers at close range that is too close for comfort.

US warships take tougher stance

On Tuesday, the US Navy announced that any ship that goes beyond the 100-meter demarcation line will be considered as hostile. Based on the US interpretation of violating this warning, any ships are threats and will be dealt with defensive measures that are not considered illegal.

Currently, the US Navy has deployed ships in the Persian Gulf to do operations, to lend a US presence to the current row with Iran.

 A while back, Reuters News Agency reported that US President Trump issued a warning that US ships will fire upon hostile craft, like those of the Revolutionary Guard who will attempt to antagonize US vessels, with provocative intent as well.

Since that time, navy ships have been avoiding fast craft or firing on them, but now the US is taking a tougher stance.

The safe zone is 100 meters from any US naval vessel, get any closer and the US ship has an option to fire in defense because it is a threat.

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When is firing considered defensive?

An unnamed US official agreed only to talk if it were anonymous. This notice to others plying the sea lanes should know, it represents no alteration of the rules of engagement that US forces adhere too.

US Navy's right to defending its position was what President Trump stress when any ship faces possible destruction from adversaries, which was backed up by the Pentagon.

This statement is meant to increase safety, lessen ambiguity, and most important avoiding miscalculations, or friendly fire which came from the US Naval Forces Central Command, based in Bahrain.

A month ago, US Navy and Coast Guard vessels were faced, with 11 vessels from Iran. This incident drew the attention of the US military, which they branded as deadly behavior.

The engagement

During the incident, Iranian ships were too close for comfort and came to close at less than 10 meters of the US Coast Guard cutter Maui, confirmed by military sources.

This prompted Trump to issue the threat because of the dangerous actions of Iranian ships. Later Tehran made the charge that the US was at fault.

After Trump's issued threat, Iran's top of the elite Revolutionary Guard answered that all US warships will be destroyed should it endanger Iran's security.

The tension between the US and Iran helped to escalate the going on in the Gulf since 2018, that was the cause of sanctions against Iran.

Death of the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, who was vocal about opposition to the US was killed in a drone strike that happened in Baghdad.

On January 9, Iran fired missiles into an Iraqi base where the US personnel was billeted, no American died in the attack but many troopers suffered brain injuries during the aftermath.

In 2016 and 2017, both US and Iranian ships were involved in incidents like shooting but not aiming for Iranian vessels.

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