Tragedy last Mother's Day struck when a deranged woman assaulted a seven-year-old girl while playing in the park.

Last Sunday on March 22, the fatal attack happened when An Albanian woman randomly attacked and killed the child without provocation or whatsoever.

This deadly assault turned Mother's Day for the little girl's family into a day of shock and grief. It's a traumatizing sight for everyone present in the park as well.

Death on a Mother's Day

As reported, on Sunday the 22nd of March in Queen's Park at Bolton, a seven-year-old was killed by a act of random violence. The victim, Emily Jones was slain by a deranged woman without warning.

The killer was identified as Eltiona Skana, age 30, who seem to have no reason to commit a heinous act of stabbing innocent Emily.

Upon investigation, the suspect was discovered to have come from Albania. She was arrested by the authorities at the scene, but she was later on considered not in the right mind, according to the Mental Health Act.

But this doesn't mean that she will get away with the crime. She was charged for having a deadly weapon. Appearance at the Manchester and Salford Magistrates' Court xz0will be scheduled for the 26th of May.

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Grisly incident at Queen's Park

The incident began on a supposedly festive mother's day on March 22 at exactly 2.35 pm. The police received a call and immediately came on the scene to find young Emily Jones dead from a fatal stabbing that ended her life abruptly.

Emily was riding on her scooter when the deranged woman stabbed her neck after she went past a wood bench. These details were revealed in an inquest just a month before.

The victim was in the park with her parents when the unforeseen violence happened. She was immediately rushed to the Salford Royal Hospital to save her life but dies from her stab wound, at 3.56 pm she expired.

An inquest was requested into the child's passing at the Bolton Coroner's Court, a month back that allows the family to get the body back with funeral arrangements for her. Senior coroner Alan Walsh helped the family start the inquest.

The coroner declared that Emily was killed by the neck wound, according to the inquest. Pictures of the deceased child were shown to the coroner, and he said that it moved him a lot.

Mr Walsh gave his condolences for the passing of young Emily, especially the grief felt by her parent's and family. Her father was devastated because of his inability to prevent the tragedy of his daughter's death.

The coroner could not express enough of the grief felt at the loss of the child, at seven years old this was a terrible tragedy. After her untimely death, Emily's parents remembered how she was and celebrated her short but lively childhood.

Her bereaved family gave thanks for everything done to save Emily's life. While her life was taken so abruptly, Emily's legacy as a loving duaghter and a caring friend will continue to live on in the hearts of her loved ones.

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