An unknown woman was arrested for killing a young girl at a park and attempting to run after she stabs her. The murderous woman later got held under the Mental Health and charged for the cold-blooded murder.

Police were summoned to Queens Park in Bolton, last Sunday afternoon after an attack which resulted in a seven-year-old girl's death.

She was out in the park with her family on Mother's Day and the fatal attack came when a woman stabbed her with a knife.

Injuries suffered were multiple stabs, added the police from which she died later from the trauma. The female assailant was not known to the grieving parents.

Witnessed saw how the stab victim was given CPR, as two adults were covered in the child's blood.

Other people saw the deranged murdering woman run away.

The guilty woman in her 30s was caught by a bystander who chased her. She was arrested for suspicion of murder.

Russ Jackson, Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, said, ''The woman arrested yesterday at the scene of the attack on the little girl in Bolton has now been detained under the Mental Health Act."

He added that the family knew of the detention. The family is distraught over her death and will help the family liaison officers in the coming months.

The terrible attack was not expected, especially when the girl little died in front of her parents. It was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon but ended in death.

One bystander did his brave act by chasing and restraining her for officer's to arrest the assailant later. The police gave their thanks for helping capture the deranged woman, who stabbed the young girl to death.

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Some officers in the park were inexperienced and were only new on independent patrol. Most of the officers were visibly upset in the sudden attack. Many shared their grief to the little girl's immediate family.

Chief Constable Russ Jackson added that the criminal investigation will not end, all the evidence and consulting with the Crown Prosecution Service will be done, seek criminal charges against the killer.

Police are still the scene of the murder with a big part of the north-east part of the park closed to the public as the vicious attack is still under investigation.

This attack has not made sense to the social media users, and are still struggling to process it.

One comment said, "R.I.P to the little girl who's life has been cruelly taken by a woman on Queens Park in Bolton. Stabbing her in the neck. What has this world come to at all?"

The motivations for the deadly attack at 2.30 pm in Queens park is unknown, and why the woman knife attacked and killed the girl.

After the attack, the 22-acre park was vacated nd everyone sent home for forensic investigators to work in gaining evidence.

Ten police cars were sent to the park and North-West Air Ambulance was on the scene, but to no avail with the fatal wounds.

Police added that they were trying to find out what caused the deranged woman to attack, but she was mentally unstable and they are investigating more on the angle.

The police are determined to act quickly and are supportive of the trauma suffered by the family of the young girl.

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