On May 12, a man and a woman have been arrested by authorities after a police officer in Gloucestershire caught them carrying a suitcase along a road, the officer reported that there were human remains inside the suitcase. The two were immediately arrested and are the main suspects for murder.

Human remains in a suitcase

According to the police, the woman is in her 20s and is from Birmingham, and the man is in his 30s and from Wolverhampton. Both are now in custody after police officers found human remains in the Forest of Dean area. Because of the discovery, the A4136 has been closed to the public, the area between Coleford and Monmouth. Police officers are now guarding the area while forensic tests the remains found.

There are claims that a human torso was discovered inside the suitcase, and other human body parts were discovered in the area, but the authorities have yet to confirm it the claims are true.

On a statement on May 13, Gloucestershire Constabulary said that because of an ongoing police investigation, the roads around the area are closed temporarily and guards are placed on the A4136 between Coleford and Monmouth.

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Similar incidents

In April, human remains were discovered at the home of a military historian. He was jailed for possessing illegal weapons and for stalking.The man in question, Kenneth Ward, was jailed in December 2011 for weapons offenses and indecent exposure.

The 72-year-old man had loaded Luger pistol and he is also in possession of the cockpit of a fighter plane used during World War II, the machine guns on the cockpit were still working. The police were called after the new owner of the cottage discovered human remains. Ward's family owned the property for more than 300 years.

 A forensic archaeologist was also called to the scene to know more about the remains. The police said that the bones may not have been recent, and there is a possibility that it was years old.

In May 2019, two people in Indiana discovered human remains inside a suitcase while they were walking. One of them found the corpse when the opened the suitcase that was left in Bean Creek.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, they were called to respond to a 911 call. They said that the remains do not belong to an infant and they were also not certain if the body belonged to an adult.

The Marion County coroner's office worked to identify the body and notify any family member before they make the name of the victim public. No race, age, or gender were released, and the case of death is still unclear.

Meanwhile, the Bean Creek Neighborhood Association released a statement to assure the locals that they are safe and that the police are working on the case. They also called for the people to let the IMPD do the investigation in the area. The association expressed their grief over the gruesome discovery in their neighborhood. The police are still working on the case and are looking for witnesses to this day.

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