Tabloids are claiming that power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a trial separation since they are not having the best time in quarantine and may decide to call it quits soon.

Did Kimye call it quits?

The news site, Gossip Cop, decided to look into the story to see if any of the rumors are true. The tabloid Star, claims that Kardashian and West are in a trial separation because the reality star is having problems with the singer and the cracks in their marriage are now resurfacing amid their sixth wedding anniversary.

The Star insists that even though there is a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kim and Kanye are going their separate ways as the singer does not want to be in L.A. with Kim and their children. An alleged insider said that it is no secret in the industry that the couple is having problems.

The first clue is the album that Kanye released months ago, then his childhood home in Chicago that he reclaimed, and now he is spending time in Wyoming. The Star states that despite Kanye's flip-flop, Kim has been in their L.A home, working. According to an insider, Kim spends 20 hours a week on her law studies and she films Keeping Up with The Kardashians and she is busy with other business ventures too.

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Kim is said to be fed up with trying to connect with her husband which is what led to a trial separation. The insider said that Kim has gotten used to Kanye's absence and flighty behavior and she does not even put up a fight with him anymore and just let him be. They just check in from time to time since they share four children together. The alleged insider added that intimacy between the two has been gone for a long time.

False claims

Although there have been rumors of Kim and Kanye arguing during the lockdown and Kanye taking their children to Wyoming to give his wife a break, the couple is not separated. According to Gossip Cop, Kim posted a photo of Kanye at home with their two daughters, North and Chicago, on her Instagram page just a few days ago. Before that, she also posted a throwback picture of herself and Kanye.

In January 2019, the Star falsely claimed that Kim was going to divorce Kanye if he did not check himself into a psych ward and get help for his episodes. Although the magazine asserted Kim wanted the rapper to take his meds and enter a hospital, the news site Gossip Cop was able to confirm that the story was not true after the checked with several people who are close to the couple.

Gossip Cop also already corrected the story from Star's sister publication, Life & Style that claimed Kanye left Kim and moved to Wyoming with their children. Because of Kim's photo uploads, it is obvious that the rumors about them going through a trial separation is not true.

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