The discovery of the bodies of two dead sisters came as a shock when they were tossed off a bridge.

On Wednesday morning, Rome, Georgia woke up to find out that two sisters just perished in the sickest way. Each one wearing a bag over their head, until their moment of death.

The bodies that were hooded and tossed on the bridge were identified as 19-year-old Vanita Nicole "Vera" Richardson, 19, and Truvenia Clarece "Bean" Campbell, 31. Both from Rome Georgia, this grisly crime is unthinkable why it was committed in the first place.

One of the local newspapers, the Rome News-Tribune identified the two women, as sisters to confirm their filial relationship.

Later on, authorities like the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are stepping in after the incident is now determined to be a homicide based on the initial facts of the case.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will follow all the leads to determine the one responsible for the double murder of the sisters.

Agent on the case

According to one of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Brian Johnston, he reveals to that the sisters were dead by the time they were thrown like potato-sacks over the Etowah bridge.

Although the Tribune revealed the discovery of several shotgun shells nearby, the GBI did not confirm or comment about the Tribune's claim yet.

The exact location of the corpses was further expounded, and the bodies were located in Willbanks and Houston mill roads as further information on the scene of the crime.

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Discovering the hooded victims

The News-Tribune said that the bodies would be unnoticed had it not been for a crew of the Georgia Department of Transportation, who stumble upon the slain sisters to make the gruesome discovery. Calls for the authorities to check the scene of the crime was made at 11 a.m., reported special agent Johnston.

Authorities knew how the gruesome deaths of the sisters happened but not what led the murderer to commit the crime, or even why the two wore hoods. The GBI stressed that they are assisting the Rome Police Department in resolving the homicide case.

Speculating on the reports, one question is how long were the victims on the bridge. Were they still alive when the murderer tossed them or were the sisters lifeless when thrown at the part of the East Rome Bypass?

Investigators still have so many questions about who and what led to their slaying. Leads are sought to help clear the case.

The victims

Robinson would have graduated from Armuchee High School in Rome next Saturday. But that will never happen.

Last Thursday, the Floyd County Schools in a statement wrote," We are deeply saddened and heartbroken by the news of the death of one of our students, Vanita Richardson who was scheduled to graduate next Saturday."

The school also said,"Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Vanita will be remembered for being a fun-loving, humble, and motivated student who was making strong plans for her future."

Vanita, one of the victim, made an impact and touched everyone with her big heart. Why she died is still not known too.

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