According to reports, President Trump was glad that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was hale and healthy when news circulated of his untimely death by causes that were never confirmed. With Jong-Un's reappearance, several weeks of speculation has finally been resolved.

The US president said,"I, for one, am glad to see he is back, and well," on Twitter last Saturday (US time), soon after his surprise reappearance that was the first about three weeks.

One of the speculations is that the North Korean leader was undergone cardiovascular surgery during the hiatus or earlier. But this was contested by Cheong Wa Dae on Sunday saying that it was false news that any medical procedure was ever done on him.

He also said, "There are grounds to judge (Kim) had not undergone surgery, but we cannot reveal it." The source was another presidential official who preferred anonymity.

One of North Korea state media Korea Central News Agency on Saturday posted reports of Kim in an opening ceremony at a fertilizer plant in Sunchon, north of the capital Pyongyang, Friday. With him were other senior officials, including Kim Yo-Jong that will next in line if something happens to her brother as head of state.

Photos and videos were revealed by the KCNA, with Kim, in black Mao suit, and smiling, went around the factory strolling, cutting a big red ribbon with scissors that was given to him by his sister, and smoking. This image was meant to stop stories that he was suffering from ill-health or was dead.

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Many of the crowd were cheering loudly and hurrahs were all around for the North Korean Leader.

A secretive state makes it hard for the west to see what is happening inside. What the disappearance and the speculation of Kim's supposed death only show is how hard it is to peer into the reclusive North Korean regime. This is only more pronounced as the leadership is predisposed to keep outsiders guessing what is really happening.

Why did the Korean leader become scarce for three weeks, and what are the reasons for it? Everything started from a missed Politburo meeting on April 11. Soon after the wild conjectures were rampant, as he missed the

His appearance, however, did not offer the slightest clue to the reason behind his unexplained three-week absence after presiding over a Politburo meeting April 11. Conjecture about Kim's health became the April 15 birthday celebration for his late grandfather Kim Il-sung, the North's founding father, for the first time since he assumed power in 2011.

One of his most stark absences after taking power started a rumor that he was dead or in a coma when a bad operation was done on him. Throughout his missing presence, the South Korean government said business as usual in the North.

 According to Seoul's Unification Ministry who said all the speculation is groundless, that caused 'various unnecessary economic, security and societal confusion and costs.' They said to be more judicious about such baseless rumors in regard to North Korea.

Still, his reappearance has caused some to doubt the KCNA's brief footage showed Kim walking with a stiff gait and a green golf cart in the background.

As far as President Trump is concerned, he is glad that Kim Jong-Un is alive.

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