As of now, the state-run media in North Korea is still silent about the health and whereabouts of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

For a while now, North Korean state media has made no mention of leader Kim Jong Un and where he might be. When news broke over his condition and speculation about his exact condition was rife.

Instead of showing any alarm, North Korean media plastered images of going on as usual, as if their leader was not sick at all. They also posted relevant news and reports that featured their leader.

Where is Kim Jong Un?

TSouth Korean and Chinese officials with sources that are privy to US intel has suggested something amiss in how western news agencies are depicting Kim Jong Un. Is he sick or not? Those concerned, the White House included, are keeping tabs on the developments to come.

US President Trump had several summits with the North Korean leader in 2018 and 2019 to negotiate the North Korean state to submit to nuclear arms control, but nothing objective has been achieved despite the emphasis placed these high-profile talks.

Trump in a White House news brief commented, "We don't know if the reports are true." One of the first indications of Kim's ill health came from his non-attendance of the birthday of North Korea's founding father and Kim's grandfather, Kim Il Sung, on April 15.

Soon after on Wednesday, the headline news from the North's state news agency, KCNA, reported "that has had something about sports equipment, mulberry picking, and a meeting in Bangladesh to study North Korea's "juche" or self-reliance ideology."

Older news coverage was printed in the official Rodong Sinmum news, they were about the economy, textile industry, city development, and other topics which weren't updated.

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His name was all about but no reports where he was in real-time. Which cast doubt about his actual physical condition.

South Korea's presidential Blue House could not confirm where he was as stated by a spokesperson, or if he had surgery done on him. Also, South Korea found nothing from the usual activities of the North.

Reports from Daily NK website, based in Seoul mentioned on Monday that Kim (36 years old), was treated for a cardiovascular procedure on Monday, on April 12 despite what the state media broadcast.

Reports of Kim's infirmity was from an unknown source in North Korea, as a correction.

Kim is not getting better?

Sources say that his health is not good since August last year, mainly caused by heavy smoking, overweight, overworked, most odd is that he is getting treated at a villa in Mount Myohyang resort north of the capital Pyongyang.

Chad O'Carroll, CEO of the Korea Risk Group, which monitors North Korea, added that too many things are amiss and that could not be normal. There is no definite news about his exact condition, and it is all speculation at most.

Last Tuesday, CNN mentioned a report that Kim was in great danger, from intelligence sources. CNN's report about Kim's alleged condition was ignored by two South Korean officials and China, both just did not bother.

What is wrong with the North Korean leader? Many officials in the Trump administration are monitoring the current situation until news of the leader comes out.

What is the real score about leader Kim Jong Un and his health and whereabouts is crucial. No one knows until it is made known by state media.

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