On early Monday, North Korea shot two unidentified projectiles in the air, which the South Korean military took note of. These launches were not seen as positive by the US military.

Several missiles were launched by North Korea last year, mentioning a new top-secret weapon that was not taken lightly by President Trump, and made relations between the two nations less than amicable.

The failure of the U.S. and Korea did achieve success at their talks last year, it was a no go, after Washington did not agree to North Korea requests for concessions.

President Donald Trump hoped that Kim Jong Un would consider nuclear disarmament for the North Korea, as their relationship improved. This is combined with sanctions imposed on the country he wanted agreed on but Kim did not budge.

Several summits were participated by Trump and Kim in the border between South and North Korea. Yet, no deal was reached between the two, with both not agreeable to each other's demands. No rescinded sanctions, no nuke pullout doomed the summits to failure.

Firing the projectiles and suffering from the coronavirus contagion, their neighbor South Korea is reeling from 50 dead, 7,300 positive cases that are mounting.

Outbreaks in South Korea, with a U.S. service man infected by the coronavirus, calling off the military exercises to avoid exposure to the virus. U.S. army personnel were limited in their outings in South Korea, no Korean military was allowed in the exercises, reported Reuters.

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North Korean military reports triple missile launch

The relationship between the US and South Korea is close with the two countries holding joint military exercise each year, recently North Korea shot an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) into the territory of Japan as a protest against the war games.

 On Monday, North Korea fired a trio of unidentified projectiles again, both US and Korean officials informed of another launch done by Kim Jong Un, from two weeks ago.

According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, there were three missiles short-range missiles launched from the Sondok area off the eastern coast of North Korea, middle of the Korean Peninsula and Japan. The projectile flew about 200 kilometers and as high as 50 kilometers, which the defense ministry added,

South Korea's Defense Ministry reported on Monday it was keeping watch on another projectile with absolute preparation. The official spokesman added that the successive action by North Koreas, is a violation with agreements between Pyongyang in 2018, that was supposed to release tension between them on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea had shot four projectiles as revealed by an unidentified US official.

The South Korean Defense Ministry commented that it can be joint strike drills that include multiple types of multiple rocket launchers which is part of the winter drills of Pyongyang.

Reports by North Korean state media said that military exercises were done on February 28, in celebration of Kim's Summit with President Trump in Hanoi. On March 2, the North Koreans fired two more unidentified missiles, about 65 kilometers to the south of Sondok.

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