Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
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Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visits the Hubb Community Kitchen to see how funds raised by the 'Together: Our Community' cookbook are making a difference at Al Manaar, in London, Britain, November 21, 2018.

Like Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle is also a favorite subject for pregnancy rumors as fans long to see another royal baby. Although Meghan and Prince Harry's son Archie is not even one year old yet, people are excited for Markle to have another child. No wonder many were intrigued and happy when "Congratulations Meghan" was trending on Twitter.

Fans of the star mistakenly thought that the "Congratulations Meghan" trend was addressed to the Duchess of Sussex for her second pregnancy. However, the congratulatory remarks are not for her but for "The View" co-host Meghan McCain who just recently announced her first pregnancy with husband Ben Domenech. Apparently, the reason why the tweet was trending on the social media platform is because everyone thought it's for Markle.

Fans funny reactions

After knowing that Archie won't be a big brother soon, fans posted their hilarious reactions on Twitter.

One user posted a clip from the "Avengers" movie saying, "Clicked on 'congratulations meghan' and thought it was about meghan markle turns out it's meghan mccain announcing her pregnancy."

Twitter Meghan
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Fan account @megsroyals said, "I saw 'congratulations Meghan' trending and thought it was Duchess Meghan. Smh. Getting my hopes up for nothing. I hate it here. Lmao."

Many expressed their disappointment using funny GIFs to show how their excitement was a letdown after knowing that it wasn't Meghan who is expecting a baby saying.

"Why Twitter [explicit] wit my emotions again. I'm seeing Congratulations Meghan and thinking the Duchess is announcing she pregnant again! Time to social distance myself from twitter..." wrote @naturalkurlz.

Twitter Meghan
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Others also addressed the possible reaction of McCain when she sees that the congratulations trend, which is intended for her, only trended because people thought it refers to Markle.

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Pregnancy rumors

The couple's decision to resign from royal duties will allow them to focus on their family. She Knows reports that now that the pair has finally wrapped up all their royal obligations, they are ready to announce a second pregnancy. The report further adds that since their number one priority is their family, a second child could be expected this year.

Being in a more relaxed condition could be a good thing for Markle, especially if she intends to bear another child. It is said that the actress felt lonely and uncomfortable when she was pregnant in the UK, being away from her family and friends. Meghan also allegedly said that she wants to deliver her next baby in LA where she was born. This way, she won't feel lonely anymore because her family and friends are around her.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex
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Just recently, Markle was the center of pregnancy rumors when she returned to UK to finish their royal duties. People said that she was glowing, which could be a sign that she is pregnant. Some noticed that Markle is fuller similar to how she looked like when she was pregnant with Archie.

There are speculations that Markle is already pregnant, and they are just waiting for the right timing to announce the good news. It is noted that the pair is still occupied with completing their royal duties and establishing a new life away from royalty. Once everything is in its proper order, the couple might be ready to reveal the news.

However, this is mere speculation since Markle and Prince Harry did not release their official statements yet.

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