Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton could back down from the forefront of the Royal Family to have a fourth child.

The Duchess and her husband Prince William have attracted public attention since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's declaration of independence from the royal family in January.

Kate Middleton could attempt for a fourth child as she "doesn't enjoy being at the forefront of royal duties", according to a royal commentator.

Kate already has her hands full of Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and one-year-old Prince Loui but apparently, there is room for more. If so, she is expected to step back from public life.

The royal couple has been about how they would prefer a large family.

According to royal expert Phil Dampier, there is a possibility for Kate to have another child with Prince William and if this happens, she will have a harder time performing royal duties.

"It wouldn't surprise me if they have a fourth child. Not only does Kate love family life in Norfolk, to be honest, it gives her an excuse to not be at the forefront of royal duties for a bit longer, which I don't think she enjoys. I think Kate's been interacting with the public and doing very well recently, but from what I'm told, she'd rather be at home with the children," the royal expert said.

Kate has confessed to experiencing 'mom guilt' and has attempted hypnobirthing to cope with severe morning sickness while pregnant.

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In a candid discussion about parenthood, Kate described herself as a hands-on mom but she often feels she falls short of being suitable enough.

Due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's departure as senior members of the royal family, Prince William and Kate's workload has greatly increased that some people claim Kate has been working 18-hour days in recent weeks.

Kate, in particular, has been praised for acting favorably during quite a problematic period for the Royal Family.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier said, "It wouldn't surprise me if they had a fourth child."

"Not only does she love family life in Norfolk, to be honest it gives her an excuse to not be at the forefront of royal duties for a bit longer, which I don't think she enjoys."

He added that Kate has been interacting with the public and doing well, but from what he heard, she would rather stay at home with her children.

The information came following Kate and William attending an official royal visit to Dublin, Ireland.

Kate already demonstrated to the public that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are her top priorities as she was supposed to attend the Tusk Awards back in November, but she canceled at the last minute to tend to her children.

Five years ago, upon giving birth to Princess Charlotte, Prince William's wife said that becoming a mother has been a rewarding and wonderful experience but still thinks motherhood comes with complex emotions including joy, exhaustion, love, worry, and everything else mixed.

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