Coronavirus in Italy
(Photo : REUTERS/Manuel Silvestri)

Italian authorities are now controlling one of the biggest outbreaks of the coronavirus. With the death of the third patient in Italy, they have sealed off the affected townships and started postponing public events in the northern areas.

The location of the coronavirus hot spot is in the Lombardy and Veneto regions, where schools and universities were shuttered for a week, even museums and cinemas were closed in the last two days of the Venice Carnival.

Italy's civil protection unit mentioned that out of the total of 152 highly contagious cases, only three were revealed on Friday.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told state organ RAI Radio that the 152 cases, might increase anytime soon as he warned the public to be careful. Adding as well that all efforts were focused to stop, and control the contagion for public safety.

In the town of Crema, another fatal infection of the COVID-19 was reported. Crema is located from Milan (28 miles) away. The patient passed away not from the virus, but health problems caused by the other health problems, not the virus itself.

The number of official and certified cases of the COVID-19 in Lombardy used to be 54 and has now increased to 110 more a day later. In Veneto, there were 21 people with positive viral infections, add up two more people in Venice, which is packed with visitors for the carnival season.

In other reports, health officials said some isolated cases were discovered in the regions of Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. All these cases of the coronavirus in Italy are concerning authorities with the number of those infected.

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Luca Zaia, governor of Veneto said he has dealt with natural disasters in his term, like floods and earthquakes. According to him, the coronavirus is the worst he has faced.

About 50,000 souls have been placed under quarantine at Lombardy and Veneto. Residents were advised to stay home and they can only get in or out of the quarantine areas with permission from local leaders.

Residents in Milam were stocking up on supplies while others went out of the city with their children. The disruption caused by the coronavirus to Lombardy and Veneto adds to 30% of Italian gross domestic output. If the condition persists then it will affect the economy of Italy adversely, with it nearing recession too.

Italian tourism has been grossly affected by the virus, with many of its attraction postponed or rescheduled at a later date, for fear of making the current outbreak worse, than it already is. Veneto officials tested 8 Chinese tourists, who were again non-active carriers of the virus.

The search for patient zero is crucial, in order to determine where the virus came from. Without this knowledge, it makes it harder to control, said Luca Zaia.

About three cases were reported and quarantined, who all came from Wuhan in China. Even the World Health Organization is stumped how it got this bad. A team of WHO experts will help the Italians study the virus, according to Hans Kluge, WHO European Regional Director.

The expansion of the coronavirus in Italy has caused problems with the Milan Fashion week that prompted Giorgio Armani to cancel the fashion show. Guests will now go to an empty room instead, to protect them. Angelo Borelli, civil protection department exec said that preparation was underway to place beds in military quarters or hotels to house those infected by the contagion.

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