"Stranger Things 4" teaser dropped in the morning of Valentine's Day, treating fans with an exciting gift. One of the highlights of said video is the return of a favorite character Hopper played by David Harbour.

To recall, "Stranger Things" season 3 ended with a cliffhanger showing Hopper who was seemingly killed during an explosion in the gate to the Upside Down. That ending made fans wonder if Hooper is still alive and would appear in the next season. Well, Netflix is kind enough to reveal that Harbour's character will still join the cast for a new adventure this season. However, it appears that he is not in a good state.

The 50-second clip shows a clean-shaven Hopper with a group of imprisoned men toiling away a snow-covered railroad track. It appears that the favorite police chief is in prison as the teaser features heavily armed guards. While standing on the snowy Russian landscape, Hopper removed his hat, revealing his baldness as he stared into the distance.

"We're excited to officially confirm that production on 'Stranger Things 4' is now underway — and even more excited to announce the return of Hopper," said "Stranger Things" creators and showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer, according to Variety.

The showrunners added that it is not all good news for Hopper since he is imprisoned in a "snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human...and other." They also said that there is a new horror awaiting for those in the states and that this would be "something long-buried, something that connects everything..."

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The Duffer brothers announced back in September 2019 that "Stranger Things 4" was in the works, and they signed up to a multi-year film and series. Fans of the series are hoping that they will see more of Eleven and his gang. However, it might end in Season 4 or 5.

"Stranger Things" season 4 is titled "From Russia with love... ..." which appears to be the perfect title because of Hopper's location. The exact date of this season's premiere on Netflix is not yet announced. But the release of the teaser video already assures fans that the next season will be streaming soon.

While everyone is expecting Hopper's return, eagle-eyed Reddit fans noticed something that made everyone think that Hopper is dead. The film website IMB did not include Harbour's name while it features Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Will (Noah Schnapp), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Mike (Finn Wolfhard). It is noted that the children have a contract until 2021. This might give us a hint about when the show will end. Well, apparently, their theory was wrong.

Whatever will happen in Season 4 remains a mystery for most of us. But one thing is for sure, Hopper is alive, and he might even deal with the supernatural given that a captive Demogorgon was previously featured in a scene in Russian.

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