Malaysia draws tourists from around the world. History, wildlife, and influential commercial centers create a unique experience for every visitor.

Benefits of a Malaysia e Visa

Recently, the Malaysian government made it easier for people to visit by offering Malaysia e Visas.

  • Malaysia e Visa has a two working-day wait time. It is faster than any other type of visa in Malaysia. It is useful for quick trips and last-minute arrival times. Busy business people utilize the e Visa because of the rapid nature of corporate business.

  • Cheaper is better when traveling. Most visas cost around 100 USD. Malaysia e visas cost roughly half of that.

  • Getting a visa is time-consuming and tedious. Malaysia e Visas have a simple process without waiting in lines or dealing with checkpoints.

Country Eligibility

Regardless of location, people can apply for a Malaysia e Visa. However, only specific nations can get approval.

Eligible nations include:

  • Bangladesh

  • India

  • China

  • Myanmar

  • Nepal

  • Sri Lanka

  • Pakistan

  • Montenegro

  • Bhutan

  • Serbia

Malaysia eNTRI

The Malaysian government allows for an Electronic Travel Registration & Information, eNTRI, to make the process of getting a Malaysia visa for Indians simple. With an eNTRI, visitors have permission to stay a maximum of 15 days, while other visas expire in a week. It is useful for both tourism and business purposes.

The Different Malaysia e Visas

Three types of Malaysia e Visas are available based on meeting the requirements.

  • 30-day Single Entry e Visa

  • 30-day Multiple Entry e Visa

  • Malaysia eNTRI visa

Required Documents to Receive a Malaysia e Visa

When traveling, it is important to know what documents are a requirement. No one wants their vacation or business trip cut short because of a simple mistake.

Documents required:

  • A copy of a recent passport photo

  • A scanned copy of passport, most importantly the first page (present a copy of the front and back to be safe)

  • Proof of hotel reservations

  • A valid return flight ticket

Keep in mind that the Malaysian government is strict in terms of photos for applicants. Depending on the Malaysia visa agent, picture modifications that avoid rejection is done by them.

However, if applying online, ensuring passports and photos meet requirements is crucial in getting accepted.

Take extra steps to avoid rejection by following these rules:

  • White Background

  • No frame or border

  • Recent photo (3 months)

  • Studio photos/no selfies

  • Full face with eyes open

  • No head covering (unless for religious purposes)

  • No glare

Be advised that there is also a possibility of being called for an interview by their embassy.

A Malaysia e Visa is helpful to have and easy to obtain when knowing the rules and requirements. Regardless of business or vacation, the process is well worth the little paperwork.