Latest NBA reports claimed that the Cleveland Cavaliers was close to trading Kyrie Irving for Paul George, a text message away from completing a three-team trade with the Nuggets and Pacers. This trade deal could have also sent Kevin Love to Denver if it happened.

Nevertheless, the Cleveland Cavaliers could have ensured itself with Paul Gorge with whom the Indiana Pacers have dealt with the Thunders. The Cavs was left with no option but to send Kyrie Irving to the Pacers who wanted and requested a trade from the team.

According to NBC Sports, Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst of ESPN discussed the possibilities of this three-team trade deal. With this, Windhorst said that in the draft and the talks with Paul George, the Cavs were not that prepared to give up Kyrie Irving for Paul George. But Lowe said that the certain thing which happened was that the Pacers offered George for Irving several times.

Even if the Cleveland Cavaliers was completely aware of Kyrie Irving's reported unhappiness in the team while Paul George was still in the Indiana Pacers, this would have been a bad trade for them. Previous reports claimed that Irving is already not contented with his status in the team and that he already has grown tired of being the assistant to Lebron James.

Kyrie Irving is still locked up for two more years with the Cavs while Paul George is already on an expiring contract. Because of this, Irving is more valuable than George who like Lebron James could have walked in a year. George, in this case, is ineligible for a contract extension and there is a possibility that he will be joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

But if the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to give in to the trade request of Kyrie Irving while Paul George was still available, perhaps they exerted ways to be able to bridge the gap. Then the Indiana Pacers could have sent another player or from the draft pick.

Meanwhile, the Cavs just signed a deal to a one-year contract with Derrick Rose and he is expected to support Lebron James in the court. The team needs another Kyrie Irving after it failed to acquire Jimmy Butler.