The Cleveland Cavaliers just signed free agent guard Jose Calderon to a one-year contract and he is expected to back up and support Kyrie Irving in the team. Calderon is already entering his 13th season in the NBA and the Cavaliers was having a hard time looking for someone for that position since Dellavedova left the team as a free agent.

The Cleveland Cavaliers just lose the championship title to the Golden State Warriors last season and the team gave factors that contributed to their loss. It was reported that the team had Rookie Kay Felder but he was not ready to make a huge contribution while Deron Williams did not play well.

According to USA Today, free agent guard Jose Calderon was a four-time Olympian for Spain while he also played for Detroit, New York, Dallas, and Toronto. Last season, he averaged 3.4 points and 2.1 assists out of his 41 games. He was able to play in six playoff games with the Atlanta Hawks.

Meanwhile, as Cavaliers signed Calderon, the team also opted for Cedi Osman over Jamal Crawford since the latter selected Timberwolves. With this, Crawford is about to sign a $8.9 million deal with the Timberwolves and it was reported that this will consist of his option for the second season.

It was made known that Crawford was very much interested in joining the Cleveland Cavaliers but due to one reason, it did not push through. Reporters claimed that the team informed him that they will not be able to pay him its $5.2 million mid-level exceptions to the salary cap since the team was also interested in getting Osman.

Osman, on the other hand, can be considered as one of the few young assets the Cavaliers would have and the team cannot afford to send him back to Turkey or even swap him to the other NBA teams. The team needed to be able to pay him over the minimum salary cap for a rookie which is $816,000.

The Cleveland Cavalier needed to improve its rosters of players to be able to regain the championship title from the Golden State Warriors. However, the team should not compromise on the performance of the players it will be acquiring since what they needed is someone who can play meaningful minutes in a playoff game.