The Cleveland Cavaliers has been receiving criticism lately because a report which claimed that the team was close to acquiring Jimmy Butler from Bulls on the same day Griffin and the team parted ways. With this, it was also reported that Lebron James was frustrated.

According to reports, the Cleveland Cavaliers has been without a general manager for perhaps a month now since the team decided and chose to part ways with David Griffin. Because of this, the owner of the team, Dan Gilbert received criticisms and backlash.

Since that happened, the Cleveland Cavaliers has been in contact with Chauncey Billups but those negotiations did not push through. The team was left with the supervision of General Manager Koby Altman who became the one in-charge regarding possible trades and player acquisitions.

According to a report from CBS Sports, what made the players of the Cleveland Cavaliers disappointed was with the incident involving Jimmy Butler and Griffin. This indicated that if Griffin and the team did not part ways, there is a possibility that the team should have been successful in acquiring Butler.

Aside from Griffin, Redden also left the management of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only was Lebron James felt frustrated with the near acquisition of Jimmy Butler but with the fact that Griffin and Redden were the ones who are familiar with negotiations. It was also claimed that they asked for anonymity since they were not even allowed to speak about negotiations on the public.

Instead of having Jimmy Butler, the Cleveland Cavaliers ended up acquiring Jose Calderon, Cedi Osman, and Jeff Green. Meanwhile, Butler was traded to the Timberwolves just a few days later during the draft night. The sports analysts shared that none of those newly-acquired players are as good as Butler's playing performance.

Moreover, because of the Cleveland Cavaliers lackluster summer, reports were rife that Lebron James time in the time could be coming to an end already. With the latest reports that he got frustrated because the deal never happened, that rumor might as well become a possibility.