Latest reports indicated that Coca-Cola and Pepsi are battling their way to present healthier and fresher face to the public. With this, the two companies are looking forward to serving and sell coconut water which can be a good drawer of customers.

According to QUARTZ, Pepsico was looking forward to acquiring and buy All Market, the company which offers and sells Vita Coco. It can be recalled that Vita Coco is considered nowadays as the leading brand of coconut water.

If the said transaction and sale will happen, Pepsi will have an advantage over Coca-Cola. For the rival company, most consumers are aware that it currently owns the Zico coconut water. In the market, there is a possibility that Pepsi will acquire the global leader in sales of the product.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have long been rivals when it comes to providing the best and popular beverages and drinks across the globe. But now, it looks like the two companies are aiming to offer another face to the consumers and it has something to do with coconut water.

Apart from this, these two soda companies were also blamed before for providing drinks to the consumers which are indeed detrimental to one's health. It was learned in one study that sugar-heavy products have negative effects not only on Americans but all people in the world most especially with the issue of obesity.

Because of that, some companies were pressured to change their products and some consumers believed that this was the reason Coca-Cola and Pepsi were thinking to have coconut products. Meanwhile, the CEO of Pepsico said that the company is trying to offer products which will be low in sugar with a lot of positive nutrition.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have no choice but to change and diversify their strategy by selling products other than soda and fruit juices heavy in sugar. If the two companies will also embark on selling coconut water products, it will assure them of an increase in sales as the product is a natural target.

Considering Vita Coco's huge market success Pepsi might be able to gain an advantage over Coca-Cola. But this will only happen if the transaction will be successful too.