“Death Note” had been loved by fans even while it was still a manga. Now turned anime and adapted to various movies handled by different companies, Netflix had gotten hold of the Japanese horror manga written by Tsugumi Ohba.

“Death Note” synopsis then goes by as genius ace student Light Yagami (Light Turner in the adaptation) picks up a notebook that is unfortunately owned by a Death God (Shinigami.) Light then wants to clear the world and see justice in which he kills every criminal. But, drastic as it may seem, he had met brains that rivaled his, an international known detective codenamed “L.”

With all the rage rampaging the web, “Death Note” fans had already got their answer straight from film director Adam Wingward on Twitter. The director tweeted “Death Note teaser coming soon. Stop asking” along with an image of a messed up handwritten words. The production had ended filming last August so a teaser is indeed expected to be coming soon as Comic Book.

But, Next Shark reported that Wingward had just released a statement that “Death Note” had undergone extended production. Yet amid that fact, he is now making the final edits. He mentioned that he just needs time since he has stacks of films in his hands already.

Furthermore a fact that could excite fans is that Wingward hinted last year about what the upcoming Netflix adaptation could feature. He mentioned on a “Blair Witch” interview that they could do anything they want since it is an anime film and for him anime are adult-oriented. He then added that along with the mentioned is that the anime adaptation should have an adult themes. He then cited a lot of violence, swearing and nudity to be those themes per Collider.

“Death note” Netflix adaptation is said to be starred by “Paper Towns” own Natt Wolf who would play Light Turner. Meanwhile, another main character, Ryuk would be voiced by renowned Willem Dafoe. The famous “L” is then mentioned to be played by Keith Stanfield. Meanwhile, Light’s love interest and other Death Note owner, Mia Sutton would be played by Margaret Qually.

No release date had been mentioned for “Death Note” live action adaptation by Netflix. Yet it is expected to be released in 2018 after with the upcoming teaser this year.