“Attack On Titan” fans have been hyped up about the upcoming Season 2 of the anime series. Of course, speculations and theories have been scoured by them. Fortunately, reports and showrunners themselves have released spoilers and predictions about the coming soon season.

Warning: heavy spoilers ahead especially for those who haven’t read the manga.

According to “Attack On Titan 2 would start off where it showed a cliffhanger for fans in its first season. In which it ended with Survey Corps discovering more Titans beyond the walls. With that said, Wall Rose is said to breached by a so-called Beast Titan. So, Survey Corps would once again do all it takes to save Shiganshina nation per Inquisitr.

What would hype up fans more is that if “Attack On Titan” Season 2 would follow the manga’s plotline. If that so, the “Clash Of Titans” arc would be introduced. Eren Yeager would the feature the Founding Titan ability which is in his possession thanks to Grisha. The Founding Titan is also known as “Coordinate” which is described on Wiki A as an invisible power since it holds many capabilities. The one who possesses the Founding Titan is said to have control over Titans and have memories of all its current users and have control over it.

Meanwhile, the second half of “Attack On Titan” Season 2 is said to feature the “Uprising” arc. Wall Shina’s ruling class is then said to cover the season’s heavy plotline. With Captain Kenny “The Ripper” Ackerman featured more, a disturbing battle is said to commence between him and Survey Corps.

Furthermore, “Attack On Titan” Season 2’s Chief director Araki Tetsuro and director Koizuka Masashi spoiled further details on the season 2. They had said that they would include a brand new content that manga creator Hajime Isayama wasn’t able to put on the manga. With Hajime’s involvement in the anime adaptation, fans would indeed be hyped more. Ymir or Krista was also mentioned to be given more spotlight as well as reported by Comic Book.

Rest assured, fans could watch “Attack On Titan” Season 2 as it airs this upcoming April 1, 2017.