“Yuri On Ice” was a sports anime which captured the hearts of people across the globe. No doubt that it is one of the highly anticipated anime this year. Sadly, the series’ ended Dec. last year with 12 episodes and whereabouts of the second season wasn’t found. Fortunately, hints about a possible Season 2 for the skaters became rampant on the net.

“Yuri On Ice” is about a Japan’s Yuri Katsuki finding the confidence to win his dream as the top figure skater in the world. He then achieves his dream, but not quite exactly. With the help of his romance slash Russian coach, Victor Nikiforov Yuri regained prowess and skills. Yet amid delivering a heartfelt performance, in the end, Yuri had only bagged the silver in the Grand Prix Finals.

According to Mobipicker, Yuri would probably face more challenge as “Yuri On Ice” Season 2 happens. It then makes sense as reported that Yuri would only get silver so the story would really end yet. So, another Season with Yuri aiming for gold could be possible for the next season.

Inquisitr then noted that in “Yuri On Ice” Season 1 ending it was revealed by Victor to his coach Yakov that he would be making a comeback. Yet, after that scene, Yuri begged Victor to be his coach for one more year. The living legend five-time winner as a competitor would make Yuri unease or confident that he would skate on the same ice again. Yet it wasn’t quite clear, Victor just said that he would is worried playing both roles but he wants to do both.

“Yuri On Ice” ending was showed the view of Yuri, Yurio and Victor being together. Afterward, a “See You NEXT LEVEL” was featured on the screen. Hence, fans were given hope amid no announcements made yet.

Regarding the release date, it was speculated that since the season 1 was launched October last year. “Yuri On Ice” Season 2 would be released same month this year. But, no trailer had been released yet despite the possibility that its release could only be eight months away.