Tesla has rescheduled to next Wednesday another product release that is supposed to be launch for now, according Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

In an official tweet from his account, Elon Musk said - whatever the statement means - that the company "needs a few more days of refinement".

However, in respect to the statement, it's not clear whether or not the additional days required for refinement is needed on the announcement of the product.

Not long ago, Musk trailed another product that he affirmed would be "unexpected by most" and its unveiling was supposed to be done on Oct. 17, which was ahead of Tesla/SolarCity announcement scheduled for Oct. 28. 

Theory on what the surprising Tesla item may be has incorporated another vehicle - maybe a Roadster 2.0 - or upgrades to the organization's driver assistance innovation, Autopilot, with proposals that it's been gaining significant ground there. 

If it's a redesign to the driver help framework, it's conceivable that the delay in the announcement is identified with feedback of the tech in Germany.

The report ventured up this weekend with the Transport Minister interceding straightforwardly by means of a letter to Tesla asking for it quit utilizing the expression "Autopilot" in its showcasing. 

Prior this month a study from Germany's Federal Highway Research Institute additionally named the Autopilot highlight of the Tesla Model S a "considerable traffic hazard." That report likewise condemned the company's use of the expression "Autopilot" to portray a driver help innovation. 

Still, it's similarly understood that the new item is something else completely. In any case, Tesla fans just have one more day to endure to discover what lies behind the curtain.