After organizing the reactions for the first debate of the 2016 campaign at Hofstra University in New York between US Presidential Candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, experts said that the Democratic candidate Clinton won the first debate battle.

According to Brad Bannon's report in The Hill, the former first lady Hillary Clinton is a skilled debater, and she has a technique of keeping Trump in always a defensive mode. Likewise, dutifully listened to Republican nominee Trump. However, sneer, as he looked like his head, was about to explode while the Democratic candidate Clinton spoke.

The debate has been a favorable performance from the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton after she delivered a detailed series of answers on subjects ranging from race to the Middle East to tax policy. Meanwhile, she targeted Trump for some attacks assailing him for stiffing contractors, fomenting birtherism, refusing to release his tax returns and caricaturing black America, as The Atlantic reported.

Clinton's responsive toward the debate was wonky, crisp and polished if not always inspiring, she uttered words very carefully and professional. While Trump, on the other hand, handled the discussion aggressively, he was always freewheeling and meandering, and likewise, he was occasionally landing a hard blow but often substance-less and hard to follow.

At an instance, Clinton made Trump weak about his refusal to release his tax returns. Clinton scored, calling for Trump to release the returns and correctly explaining how Trump stiffed many workers who were not paid for work they did for him, also how the Republican nominee filed for bankruptcy for numerous times and may not be paying taxes.

Clinton added how Trump spread the racist lie that President Obama is not an American and praises Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Brent Budowsky of The Hill mentioned.

"Secretary Clinton-is that Ok?Yes? Good. I want you to be happy; it's imperative to me," Trump said with a faint smirk. Trump needed to show up, delve into details and control his temper for the other debates soon, to get his points back.