Last October 2015, the world was shocked when the natural gas reservoir in Aliso Canyon ruptured, making it one of the worst catastrophes in the United States. In response to this matter, the US government has no options but to support the rise of Tesla Motors as it won the bid for building a power storage facility in Southern California.

In Kemberly Penton's report from Hofmag, Tesla Motors' lithium-ion battery is now finally the answer for the world's largest problem with natural gas and power plant. Thanks to the fast advancement of technology that it now brings a broad horizon for discoveries and substitutes for what is known by people before.

Tesla Motors History

Tesla started their business for the production of electric-powered cars in 2003 by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley for they see that electric vehicles could be a lot better than gasoline-powered vehicles. With Nikola Tesla and his inventions, he patented the AC induction motor in 1888. Tesla's mission of accelerating the world to a transition of a sustainable support of energy.

Last April 2015, Tesla unveils the "Powerwall" home and industrial lithium-ion battery packs with the latest energy storage unit known as Powerpack. The use of Powerpack allows the customer's home or business to maximise the use of sustainable energy and likewise removes the boundaries for power sources.

Tesla Battery Project

December 31, 2016, is the expected date of the operation of Southern California Edison to enter utility storage solution with the use of its lithium-ion battery project. Tesla will supply a 20 MW/80 MWh Powerpack system that will help more than 2500 households a day somehow equivalent to providing 1000 electric cars and Tesla vehicles like electric scooters.

Jumping from an automaker to now a company with the extreme focus on energy innovation, Tesla will receive all possible supports from other corporations and government.

This sustainable energy from TESLA will be highly significant in responding to people's needs, and many would expect this to be a success.