The year 2016 has been the year for UFO sighting as at numerous instances and at multiple places, UFOs were spotted by the UFO enthusiasts as well as by regular people. Last Sunday, it was France, which is reported to have witnessed a mysterious flying object. 

France, the country which is famous for its historical landmarks, rich culture, and good food, recently witnessed a mysterious flying object at the Aixe-sur-Vienne. The object which was about 500 meters left behind a slight trail. It seemed that the object was making its own cloud as its speed was faster than clouds, UFO Sightings Daily reported. A photo was also posted by the news outlet. 

Witnesses of the UFO, Danielle and Charles Barbanes, said that they were just relaxing and enjoying a regular Sunday night when they saw strange things happening in the sky. Describing the experience to be paranormal, they stated that they saw a round object which was about the size of half the moon and it emitted a sort of yellow light. It was there for a good 40 seconds. Moreover, Morning News USA reported that the retired couple also spotted as many as five balls in a minutes' time but they did not make any noise like a drone or an aircraft.

It must be mentioned here that the retired couple was the only ones who spotted the mysterious object and due to lack of any pieces of evidence like a video or other eye witnesses, it cannot be said with surety whether it was the UFO or some other phenomena that were taking place. Reportedly, no abnormal activity was also reported by the control tower of the Limoges airport in that sector.

Notably, this comes after Washington witnessed a teardrop-shaped alien ship on Sep. 4. According to previous reports, eye witnesses saw the object, which was black in color and it had a sparkling shape behind it. Corsica also witnessed alien ships being burned down by lightning bolts and many people had gathered to see the specular show.

In other news, it has been said that humans and aliens share the universe. It is after the discovery of the new earth-like planet, Proxima b, that ex-NASA scientist, Leroy Chiao, has stated that his belief in the existence of aliens has been confirmed.