The possibility of alien life existing in the universe has been puzzling us for a long time. Space scientists and astronauts have been also debating with the alien theory for quite a while and now a renowned NASA astronaut has said that aliens share the universe with us.

Former NASA astronaut and commander of International Space Station, Leroy Chiao, who holds an impressive record of spending 230 days in the universe, has said that aliens do exist. According to Chiao, the latest discovery of an earth-like planet has further confirmed his suspicion that the universe is teeming with alien life, reports suggest.

Explaining his stand, Chiao says that life is always starting in some parts of the universe as it is dying in others and therefore, life will eventually die out on earth, at some point. It might be because of natural progression or due to human actions. He further says that he does not believe that technology will be able to save us, unlike his colleagues, who feel technology is powerful enough to sustain humans. He also states that humans do not know about aliens because the distances are vast.

It may be mentioned here that an earth-like planet has been discovered in the habitable zone of a star, located just about 4.22 light-years from the solar system. It has been named Proxim b because of its nearness to Proxima Centauri, earth's closest star. According to reports, the discovery has prompted scientists to brainstorm the alien theory once again.

Proxima b is a type of rocky planet and it is a little larger than earth. Also, it is believed to support liquid water on its surface and thereby, support the claims of alien life. Ever since the discovery, alien enthusiasts and scientists are asking questions about extraterrestrial life with more vigor. The debate has again caught steam and majority seems to be in favor of supporting an ET in our backyard.