UFOs have been the center of a number of scientific discussions that took place in 2016. Now, a witness in Washington claims to have observed a teardrop-shaped alien ship with fins.

The testimony of the witness was recorded in Case 78929 from the reporting database maintained by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Open Minds reported. The witness was driving a few of his family members when the weird UFO was observed on Sept. 4, Sunday, at around 2:18 p.m.

The witness previously thought that it was a plane. However, soon the wings or fins of the UFO became prominent and it was something that was never observed before. It was almost the shape of a teardrop and resembled bat-like point on each end of the UFO.

But this was not the only weird thing observed by the witness. There was some sought of small, glittering shape behind the black object and this super glimmering thing did not resemble anything normal observed in the sky ever before.

The sky was described to be completely clear at the time of the UFO sighting and the object was completely dark and black, followed by a super sparkling small shape. The wings of either side of the object did not resemble the army planes that fly in the area and the shimmering spider-web like thing accompanying the black object made it seem like a real UFO.

The UFO did not follow an unusual path or speed. It traveled normally like any other object in the sky, in a straight path, and the glittering object followed it throughout its journey.

Meanwhile, a UFO hunter has reported seeing an army of alien ships being destroyed by lightening in Corsica, the Inquisitr reported. According to the witness, the incident took place on Sept. 8, Thursday, when a thunderstorm struck the region.

A number of people gathered in the region to see the spectacular show of alien ships burning down, thus brightening up the dark sky in the form of massive lightening bolts. The UFO hunter reports that he was stunned to see small mysterious balls of light falling down the sky after the lightening.