SBS drama "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" enters the second half of its season, and intrigue between two princes is escalating. The new episode will reveal open competition between Princes Wang Wook and Wang So to win Hae Soo's heart.

The drama "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" is set in Goryeo dynasty who ruled ancient Korea. Singer IU stars in the drama and using her real name Lee Ji-Eun. While other cast members are Lee Joon-Gi, Kang Ha-Neul, EXO singer Byun Baekhyun and Jo Min-Ki. Aside from Baekhyun, his senior idol Seohyun from Girls' Generation also plays in the drama as reported by allkpop.

"Scarlet Heart Ryeo" which also has working title "Moon Lovers" has unique story. Ha-Jin (Ji-Eun), a 25-year old woman in modern day was drown in a lake when there is a solar eclipse. As she resurface she finds herself in 10th century Goryeo Dynasty in a body of a 16-year old Hae Soo, a cousin of Lady Hae (Park Si-Eun), who married to 8th Prince of Goryeo Dynasty Wang Wook (Kang). Lady Hae is ill so she took Hae Su to accompany her in the palace.

Hae-Soo began to develop a feeling to 4th Prince Wang So (Joon-Gi), who wears a mask to cover his scar on the left side of his face. Prince Wang So is known as mysterious and fearsome person, which successfully portrayed by Joon-Gi according to Drama Fever

When Hae-Soo's cousin Lady Hae passed away, she was arranged to marry Prince Wang Wook. She refuses the arranged marriage and she receives help from princes. As a result, her status is downgraded to court lady, which force her to learn all skills that a court lady must have - makeup, literacy, medicine and others.

All actors and actresses in "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" make all out performances. In an interview with Naver, Joon-Gi said that although the mask help his character, it gives him trouble to control his perception because it cover half of his face.

Watch the intense competition between 4th Prince Wang So and 8th Prince Wang Wook in Episode 8 of "Scarlet Heart Ryeo," airing next Monday, Sept. 19 on SBS.