Travelling is all about surprises and the unknown. From the moment you step off of the plane, anything can happen. This is what makes travel so exciting and so much fun, but also what makes it stressful. There are hundreds of articles online that can help you prepare for wherever you're headed - you can book the best hostel, arrange for transportation, and look into the nearest grocery store or restaurant.

However, no matter how well you plan, there's little things, like stepping in something gross or breaking a flip flop, that can derail your day of adventuring. We have the answer. There are two items that can make your travels easier, no matter where you're headed or what you plan to do. These super-simple items are duct tape and a big box of wet wipes.

You might worry that you're dedicating too much precious luggage space to a big roll of tape and a plastic box of wipes, but you'll use both multiple times on your journey. Each of these very basic items has at least ten uses. Once you travel with them, you'll be unable to do so without them.

Duct Tape

Tips from Slice:

1. Fix luggage. If the zipper or strap breaks, a thorough application of duct tape will keep it together until you get home.  

2. Fix your purse or backpack strap on the go. A broken purse or backpack can be super annoying, especially while sightseeing or hiking. If you've got duct tape in there, you can fix it and forget about it.

3. Fix your flip flop. Flip flops are notorious for breaking at the worst times. Throw some duct tape on and it'll stay put until you can get your hands on a new pair.

4. Keep curtains closed. If your hotel or hostel room has curtains with a gap that lets light in at 5am, keep them closed with a little tape.

5. Baby-proof outlets. Throw a piece of tape onto an outlet so your toddler doesn't go poking around.

6. Keep shoelaces in check. If they keep undoing, put some duct tape over them. Fashionable? No way, but it'll make your hike way more enjoyable.

7. Plug a drain. If you need to hand-wash something or just need a bath but there's no plug to be found, a piece of duct tape will do the trick.

8. Lint remover. You won't need a lint roller to freshen up before a conference if you've got duct tape.

9. Seal bottles. Before you fly, tape all your bottles of liquids shut. No leaks!

10. Cover blinking lights. If there's a monitor or air conditioner with a light that's keeping you awake, a tiny piece of duct tape will let you descend into sleepland.

Wet wipes

Tips from Calculated Traveller and HerPackingList:

1. Clean a toilet seat. Don't think about what that little drop on the toilet seat might be. Vanquish it with a wet wipe and you won't have to hover-pee.

2. Clean shoes after a trek. If you only packed one pair of athletic shoes, wipe them down after a hike so you don't track mud after you wherever you go.

3. Sticky/dirty hands. The best thing about travelling is sampling local cuisine, and this can sometimes leave you a little messy or sticky. If you've got kids, this is doubly true. Wet wipes are there for you when a bathroom isn't.

4. Freshen up after a hike/while camping. If you're far from a shower and covered in sweat and dirt, a few swipes of a wet wipe will make all the difference.

5. Sandy feet after a beach. That dry, chalky feeling that your feet get after a long day at the beach can be alleviated by wiping them with a wet wipe.

6. Stepped in... something. It happens. If you're far from running water, a wet wipe will make the rest of your day tolerable.

7. Kids. Carsickness, sticky hands, diapers - there are millions of reasons for keeping wet wipes around if you're travelling with children.

8. Makeup remover. Don't pack makeup remover, just use your favorite all-in-one cleaning wipes!

9. Nature's (desperate) call. If you're battling a travel-induced stomach bug, these will be your best friend.

10. Cold compress. If you've got a headache or fever, throw some wipes in the fridge or freezer and then use them on your forehead and neck for relief.