There are many people who have decided that the day-to-day grind of office life is not for them. They've sold their homes and taken up traveling the world instead. Even if you think you'll only ever dream of doing the same, these tips are worth considering for any type of trip. Here is the best travel advice from two of the world's most seasoned travelers.

Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond has been traveling for more than four years nonstop and has picked up a bunch of wisdom along the way. Here are some of his best points:

Patience: Travel is messy. You will miss a train, you will run out of money, or you'll run out of toilet paper. Either way, you must laugh it off and understand that as long as you're in good health and exploring a new place, you're lucky.

Stash Cash: You'd be surprised how far an emergency $100 bill will get you. Keep it folded away and only touch it in the case of a true emergency.

Scarves Will Save You: A scarf can be an impromptu towel, cover-up, sling or even a bandage in the worst cases. Keep one tied to your backpack or luggage.

Wes Nation of Johnny Vagabond is rounding out his first full year of travel. He's also got some travel advice gems:

Sit, Watch & Smile: The first thing you do in a new city should be to sit in a café and watch life go by. You'll be amazed how much you can learn about how life is lived in a new place in just a couple of hours. Smile at people you make eye contact with — you never know where you can find a friend.

Don't Be Afraid To Look Stupid: The idea of traveling is getting out of your comfort zone, so there will undeniably be many moments where you feel out of place or stupid. Don't take yourself seriously. Smile, apologize if needed, and keep moving.

Never Try To Sneak A Fart: Though this advice seems crude or silly, it's crucial. When you're on the road and eating new and odd foods, things are likely to get a little rumbly downstairs. Save all business for the bathroom.

Happy Travels!