Ronda Rousey was accused of domestic violence after an anecdote in her autobiography "My Fight/Your Fight," which was released earlier this year, detailed a physical altercation with an ex-boyfriend. During press for the upcoming fight to defend her bantamweight title against Holly Holm on Saturday, Rousey addressed the accusations and said that she acted in self-defense, ESPN reported.

"Legally if somebody blocks your exit, it's considered kidnapping," Rousey told ESPN in a video interview. "I was in that situation before when I got in a fight at a movie theater and my exit was blocked and people wouldn't let me out. You legally cannot do that. It's considered a self-defense scenario."

In her book, Rousey detailed the events that transpired after she realized that an ex-boyfriend had taken nude photos of her without her consent, according to USA Today. Rousey was afraid that her ex, who is referred in the book as "Snappers McCreepy," would leak the photos and ruin her career, so she confronted him.

After the confrontation, Rousey's ex prevented her from leaving by blocking the door, which is when she got violent and punched him with a "straight right, then a left hook," she wrote in her book. She also admitted to slapping him and kneeing him in his face.

"So if someone is blocking you into an apartment and won't let you leave, you're entitled to defend yourself and find a way out," Rousey continued. "If you're trying to get into your car and leave and they're grabbing your steering wheel and saying you can't leave, that's technically you're being kidnapped, and you can defend yourself in any way necessary."