Tinder, the popular online dating app, is growing in popularity. The app has managed to attract a vast audience and is found to be more addictive than much bigger sites like Facebook or Instagram. According to the company, users spend about 90 minutes a day surfing through hundreds of user profiles, The New York Times reports. Tinder's simple and fast user interface allows users to quickly swipe left or right to either dislike or like a particular profile.

Tinder, which was released two years ago, which has hundreds of profiles and when two people swipe right to "like" each other, Tinder matches and connects them via the app's chat function. Tinder serves a lot less number of users than sites like Facebook (1.32 billion) and Instagram (200 million) but has a better user engagement. According to The Huffington Post, Instagram users spend an average 21 minutes a day and Facebook takes up about 40 minutes a day.

In a breakdown of the total time spent on Tinder, The NY Times reported women spent as much as 8.5 minutes in a single session and men spent 7.2 minutes. On an average, both men and women log in to the app 11 times a day. The online dating app is mostly made up of users between the ages 18 and 24 and the 25-34 years age group occupies 30 percent of the user base. The young users, between 13 and 17 years, make up 7 percent.

Tinder also studied users' behavior and found that women were three times less likely to swipe "like" on a profile than men.

"There is this idea that attraction stems from a very superficial outlook on people, which is false," said Sean Rad, co-founder and chief executive of Tinder to the Times. "Everyone is able to pick up thousands of signals in these photos. A photo of a guy at a bar with friends around him sends a very different message than a photo of a guy with a dog on the beach."

Tinder did not reveal the total number of users on its service, but an unnamed source disclosed that the company was reaching 50 million active users. Tinder, however, said that the app matched 12 million people since its release and processed more than a billion swipes daily.