Authorities identified Hypothermia and partially frozen internal organs in the body of a 6-year-old North Chicago kid who was found dead in an abandoned Indiana home last week.

Damari Perry's corpse was autopsied after his mother and two siblings were charged with his death last week when officials discounted their allegations that he had gone missing.

North Chicago kid found dead in Gary; hypothermia confirmed to be the cause of death

According to the Lake County Coroner's Office, Damari's body was partially burnt and appeared to have an injury to his right leg when he was discovered Saturday in Gary, Indiana. According to WMAQ-TV, he was discovered naked, having ecchymosis on his right leg, a dangerously low core temperature, and partly frozen internal organs

On January 5, Damari was reported missing. His sister told cops he went away after she fell asleep at a party- a narrative authorities branded absolutely untrue. Jannie Perry, the mother, 38, was charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicidal death in the case last week.

On December 29, Damari did something to irritate the family and was punished by being placed in a cold shower for an indeterminate period of time. Jannie Perry was brought to the hospital on Saturday, but her son was released after posting a $3 million bond. The matter is still being investigated by the FBI and the police, as per New York Post.

The death of 6-year-old Damari Perry was deemed a homicide by the coroner in Lake County, Indiana, and three members of his family, including his mother, have been charged. Jannie M. Perry, 20, has been charged with first-degree murder while Jeremiah R. Perry, 20, has been charged with aggravated assault on a child.

A juvenile sibling has been charged as well, but the suspect's identity and the charges have not been released owing to the suspect's age. It was unclear whether the defendants had legal representation. Multiple inquiries for comment to an Illinois public defender's office went unanswered.

The youngster was discovered "naked" in a garbage bag, with his corpse half burnt, according to Lake County Coroner David J. Pastrick in a statement released Tuesday. The charring looked to have occurred after the kid died, according to the coroner. One of his legs was bruised, the body had "very chilly core temperature, and partly frozen internal organs."

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Bond for mom set at $5 million

Since early January, the region has been hit by bitter cold. "The pending cause of death is hypothermia," based on the evidence and circumstances.

The State's attorney for Lake County in Illinois is prosecuting the case. The inquiry focused on the larger Chicago region, including Gary, because Damari lived in North Chicago.

North Chicago Police stated on Monday that Jannie Perry was transported to the hospital on Saturday after she complained of being sick. Her sickness was not described in any further detail. During her hospitalization, she remained in police custody, but a scheduled court hearing about the bond was postponed, according to the agency.

Perry's bond was set at $5 million by Lake County Judge Raymond D. Collins, which means she would have to pay $500,000 in cash to be freed from jail before her trial. "No, not right now," Perry answered when Collins asked whether she could put up $500,000 to post bail.

During the brief hearing, Perry was defended by Elizabeth Schroeder of the public defender's office. Perry, 38, stated that she intends to hire her own counsel in the future. She is scheduled to appear in court on February 8 in the afternoon, NBC News reported.

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