Republican Sen. Mike Rounds is the latest GOP to admit that Joe Biden won in the 2020 election fair and square.

During a recent interview, Rounds, who supports Donald Trump, said that there's no reason for the ex-POTUS to continue spreading false claims about the election.

Rounds also said that the 2020 election was fair, and to put it simply, Republicans lost at the time.

"If we simply look back and tell our people don't vote because there's cheating going on, then we're going to put ourselves at a huge disadvantage," he said via the Huffington Post.

Donald Trump fires back at Sen. Mike Rounds

A day after his interview aired, Trump released a statement expressing his disappointment in his former ally. The ex-POTUS also said that he will never endorse Rounds again before calling him "woke."

The ex-POTUS also called Rounds crazy before saying that the only reason the latter won was that he endorsed him, according to Yahoo! News.

Rounds then replied to Trump by saying that he wasn't surprised by the ex-president's reaction. But regardless, the facts remain the same so he's standing by his statement.

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Several Republicans turn their backs on Donald Trump

In the past, Rounds said that it is their duty as Republicans to tell the truth because integrity is important. And the only way to receive the support of other Republicans is by telling the truth, according to NBC News.

Throughout the past year, Trump has been cutting ties with all Republicans that are telling him to move on and accept defeat.

South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune was one of the first people to urge Trump to move on. After he did, the ex-POTUS fired back by calling him a boy and urging a primary challenge.

Thune heard Rounds' comments, as well as Trump's reaction this week, and reiterated that there's no reason to rehash the past because this isn't a winning strategy.

Other than Rounds and Thune, Sens. Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, and Tommy Tuberville all said that Biden won the election fair and square.

This week, Sen. Mitt Romney also praised Rounds for speaking his truth and for standing up to Trump. Romney also stressed the fact that Biden won the election.

Romney was also one of the Republicans that voted to impeach Trump and convict him for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. However, the ex-POTUS still hasn't been convicted and investigations are still underway.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who Trump has been referring to as a "rino," also sided with Rounds and called the ex-president a snowflake.

Donald Trump continues to spread election fraud claims

Even though it's been over a year since Biden won the election fairly, Trump is still convinced otherwise. The ex-POTUS continues to claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him especially since some of the red states voted in favor of Biden.

Trump also urged some states to do a recount of their votes and some of them followed his orders. Still, they found out that Trump lost to Biden and that there really wasn't an election fraud.

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