Russian President Vladimir Out said a British top Admiral has been increased the submarine activity of late which he indicates should be monitored for fewer surprises.

The Russian navy is one of the most capable submarine forces with new subs coming online.

Also, these subs are getting specialized for more than standard missions that are assigned to them.

Russia is moving ahead and learning subtle ways to war fight

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, 56, new Chief of the Defense staff, warned that the uptick in the operations of the Russian submarine force is not to be ignored with the last 20 years.

He told The Times that all the activities may be more strategic and all the subs moving about of late might be initiating actions over perceived weakness. They can in theory take out even the US Navy and the Royal Navy with ease.

The Kremlin is probing for any weakness to attack and exploit all the activities that are subtle and not obvious.

One of these weaknesses is communication which lies on the sea floors of the world which is the real information system of wires and cable that are not guarded. This is an omnipresent Achilles heel with adverse consequences, reported the Express UK.

Undersea cables are fair game for any force which has the technology to fight in this environment. Most of the electronic information and traffic travel in these undersea connection.

Russia is one of the few navies to develop this specialty to be a real threat by eaves dropping silently or pose a danger by severing connections or cutting them via submarine activity. Putin can deny if it led to that.

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Furthermore, if these cables were physically cut, it can be declaring war but needs more clarification.

Other details

Sir Radakin is the replacement of the recent UK armed forces chief, Sir Nicolas Carter who held the position for two decades till his recent retirement.

The reality of this dangerous scenario has hit home as a British warship struck a hunter-killer sub while in the Atlantic Ocean last Thursday.

A suspected Russian submersible could have been shadowing the HMS Northumberland and snagged on the towed sonar. This accident forced the ship to end its mission abruptly and go back to port for repairs, cited BBC.

Type 23 frigate warship was tasked with looking for a sub-contact that was thought to be 200 miles from Scotland.

Sources say that the sonar cable trailing the ship had inexplicable made contact with the hunter-killer sub.

According to the Sun, after the towed sonar array was found very chewed up and was abandoned due to damage.

Commander Tom Sharpe an ex-frigate captain ominously remarked if the accident was an unfortunate accident or was intentional on the former soviets.

But the official line is that the incident is a close pass that ended in an accident. The navy added that it was a random occurrence.

Soon after the Russian Embassy in London would not give any comment to any outlet about the collision in the Atlantic Ocean.

The British Ministry of Defense (MOD) said that in 2020 a Russian sub tracked by the Northumberland had been in contact with the sonar array.

Mr. Putin increasing the submarine activity is of strategic advantage if they will be placed to threaten the submarine cable that the new UK defense chief warns.

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