Joe Biden and his attempt to control Putin are in vain as the Ukraine border does not improve with armies on either side.

The former UK ambassador to Russia, Sir Tony Brenton, has misgivings that the White House talks are useless and called the US president weak against the savvy Russian leader.

Since the start of the border standoff, Moscow has been maneuvering to the detriment of NATO allies to get an edge over them.

Biden's strategy does not affect the Kremlin

The two heads of state have been conferencing over the fate of the powerful military buildup of Russian Troops and equipment seen as a threat to Ukraine security.

An estimated 104,000 soldiers camped close to the border, and the West fears another similar move like Crimea, reported the Express UK.

Brenton gave his assessment based on how the White House has stumbled in everything it has done. The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a month ago warned the Kremlin of sanctions, but it was shrugged off instead.

Washington calls sanctions a substantial consequence that should make Russia shudder, but it does not faze the Kremlin. Sanctions by the US are overblown and have limited effect, like the current US President.

Since Kiev is not a NATO member, there will be no active military assistance if there is fighting. The Biden administration is useless as their threat for sanctions does not affect the Kremlin. Putin has shown resiliency in steering his nation that has been sanctioned.

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He added that Russian does not intend to invade Ukraine, despite what the US reported cited Foreign policy. The leadership of the United States has been questioned by many after the failure in Afghanistan.

Russia wants the West to stop encroaching

Moscow's action is to bring attention to the security of eastern Europe to give legitimacy to any agreement, especially to the region.

Russia does not trust NATO if they include Ukraine in its roster of members that will be a threat as it is seen. NATO wants to expand.

One senior administration from the US administration said it does not want to talk about limiting US troops, or their troop posture is in NATO countries, noted Euronews.

Talks are set in Moscow on Monday with the EU in Geneva, Switzerland; the discussion avoids a crisis.

Since last year, Russia has been placing thousands of troops on the Ukraine border, causing the EU problems as claimed. There is no guarantee if the US and its western allies can make headway against Moscow due to the divided union and the ineffectual Biden administration.

All Vladimir Putin wants is to stop the West from moving in on the eastern domain of the Russian Federation, but the US is courting a possible conflict by not considering it.

The US official says that there is some common ground to talk about in discussions. Even covering areas where they can consider.

This is a problem, according to Sir Brenton, the US does not want to have the fair commitment that Russian wants. It is where the Biden administration fails at. An Ex-UK ambassador to Russian calls Joe Biden moves on Putin as ineffective as his leadership and steering of the US is highly questionable.

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