Boris Johnson has had it with Joe Biden and the shabby treatment of Brexit Britain despite the patience and entreaties to consider the special relationship. UK PM Johnson expressed that the US President has an agenda against Brexit that was suggested by his actions.

Other UK politicians like Nigel Farage have assailed the White House over instances that the US treated the special relationship between the US and UK as frivolity.

US lifts Japan, EU tariffs while Britain remains

The US leader offered to stop steel tariffs from getting added to Japanese imports this week, but London had nothing provided. For the record, the tariffs were placed by Donald Trump before Brexit, reported the Express UK.

Aggrieved Brexit was treated by the US leader rudely because it was not only Japan but the European Union with lifted tariffs. Leaving Britain's in place, Washington does not want to budge on it. The president claims that the UK has not asked to lift its tariff.

The current US administration failed to mention the visit of Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan a week ago. She stated that there is hope that their closest western ally will resolve it but recalled the imposition on the UK, citing the BBC.

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Britons like PM Boris are furious that US President Biden is at heart opposed to Brexit Britain, and withholding not tariff or free trade deal is evidence of his indifference to an ally who supported the US. London stood by as the EU lambasted Washington during several occasions like the Afghanistan fallout and the AUKUS deal.

Biden slammed on betrayal of UK 

Readers commented that Biden is allegedly intent on the failure of Brexit and Boris Johnson, adding that the US leader is too incompetent and very dangerous. Another stated there should be no surprise about it since the forgetful leader never liked Brexit UK.

Many netizens are convinced that the UK will not get anything if the current US leader is in power. They want Mr. Biden out from the office, which many share. Another reader posted that a change is needed and that a world leader's presence only messes things up. Sources say that the White House is actively the UK pay how the post-Brexit talks about the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP), noted the Politico.

The US openly interfered in these negotiations and publicly favored the EU over its close ally. A comment by the Department for International Trade said the NIP should not be a factor to drop UK tariffs, but Washington still maintained its view.

One source mentioned they were surprised why the issue of the NIP is not a determiner of how he should deal with the UK, adding that changes in the NIP are for the protection of the Belfast [Good Friday] Agreement in the internal market of Britain.

One more comment on social media was harsh, saying that Biden is out of his league better keep out of Brexit. Another questioned his right to dictate to the UK.

Finally, a comment suggested that it is better to make the best steel and not sell it to the US. Many agreed but mocked Biden's probable answer.

PM Boris Johnson has had it with President Joe Biden for his snubbing Brexit Britain far too many times, and this is another likely fail of the White House to date.

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