McDonalds TikTok Video Shows What Workers Do to Your Drinks, Ice Cream To Make Them Look Full

Jan 09, 2022 02:03 AM EST

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One TikTok creator sends an important lesson about how customers should treat fast-food employees: Be nice. The short video has an overlay text that reads, "When a customer is rude and buys ice cream in the drive-thru, and I make it."

The clip shows the cone is being filled by the user with some ice cream but pauses to add some chips of ice. Then resumes with the swirl of the sundae.

The comments section was filled with reactions from disgusted users, and some even inquired about the exact McDonald's store where the video was taken.

However, some TikTokers empathized with the user, saying they would do the same if a customer treated them rudely. User Bryan7lol even suggested a different recipe to get back at a rude client: "I woulda filled the bottom with ice and the rest with ice cream," as per The Daily Dot.

The video, posted by TikTok user @nnennaaaaa6, who works at McDonald's, has already garnered more than 100,000 views and 165 comments.

What is concerning for some users is that @nnennaaaaa6 has posted several videos on the massively popular social media platform about how the TikToker mishandles food preparation in her workplace.

In a separate video, she shows reheating old french fries in the fryer to make them appear fresh. Another clip shows her technique on how to make drinks appear full by shaking them up instead of filling the cups with actual beverage products.

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One commenter wonders how the employee keeps her job despite practicing carelessness in food preparation.

McDonald's Vanilla Cone ice cream is among its best-selling products in the US and worldwide.

In September 2021, the FTC launched an investigation on often malfunctioning McDonald's ice cream machines over customer complaints, as per Wall Street Journal.

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Notorious Employee

The same user also posted on January 4, and she is inputting a drive-thru code into the system while registering a customer's order. Such code adds points to an account that can be used for free food or drinks.

The viral post got more than 1.6 million views and sparked debate among TikTokers. Some claimed that they worked in McDonald's and practiced the same to take advantage of the points system to earn themselves freebies.

Some claimed that many got away from this practice.

"I always did this when I worked at McDonald's never got caught for it," one female user said.

Another one said she's doing the traditional way of preparing a food item and then keeping it in a corner instead of registering it into the system.

Serious Consequences

One user warns that such practice might result in an automatic 'fraud report' to the store.' It claimed that he did the same but got caught eventually when he got over 40,000 points. He added that he got a serious warning from his manager, as per Newsweek.

One user commented that a store tried to press charges against them for pulling the same trick. Another said she did it, and a week later, her manager told her that the restaurant was investigating somebody stealing points.

Many others warned that employees who repeatedly practice the trick could be terminated from work and may even get charged by the store.

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