The newly-released December 2021 employment data - which showed the fewest jobs gained in any month of last year - are just one of the countless evidence that point to the current economy's not-so-great state. At the very least, one that is out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, the Omicron COVID-19 variant continues to rage throughout the United States, wreaking havoc on the economy in a number of ways. Staffing is a difficulty at restaurants, movie theaters, and commercial airplanes, for example.

Inflation is also at an all-time high. Despite all of this, no one will be receiving a fresh stimulus payment from the federal government any time soon. According to the December jobs data, the economy added only 199,000 jobs in December. Economists had predicted a figure twice as high.

It's worth noting that the ADP employment report for December indicated a little more than 800,000 new jobs, which is pretty much the classic definition of a mixed message, as per BGR.

Who may get surprise stimulus payments?

All eligible Americans will get a sizable new stimulus check in the mail. The Navajo council voted last month to send qualifying adults up to $2,000 in stimulus payments and qualified children up to $600, totaling $5,200 for a household of two adults and two children. On December 29, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez signed a law that will distribute over 345,000 distress checks to tribe people.

The funds come from the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Funds, which total $557 million (NNFRF). It comes after $1,000 stimulus payments were given out as a surprise at the end of December 2021. Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut launched the Back to Work program, which would provide $1,000 in stimulus checks beginning May 30, 2021 and running until December 31, 2021.

According to The Sun, because of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 that has spread across the United States, many families will receive another stimulus check in January to aid with living expenses. In that situation, this stimulus check may be able to prevent a slew of home financial catastrophes.

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Will there be new federal stimulus payments?

Per MARCA, more stimulus checks are likely to be issued by the US government to give the essential safeguards to people affected by the current pandemic. The federal government will most certainly continue to provide stimulus checks to selected workers in January, and states have utilized a portion of their federal aid to provide teacher bonuses. Mainly, frontline employees from all walks of life, some even provide state residents who satisfy the income criteria stimulus checks.

Babies born in the year 2021 are also eligible. These are the most recent Americans to be eligible for up to $1,400 in payments from the third and perhaps last round of checks that will be sent in March. Your household must fulfill the income standards in order to get the full amount. Remember that married couples filing jointly pay $150,000, while single filers pay $75,000.

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