The Kirov-class heavy battlecruiser is a relic of the past, but Vladimir Putin thinks it has more life to it. It is oversized and heavier than most destroyers and outweighs the Ticonderoga class by far. Russian philosophy means a big brutish platform to mount the most lethal weapons possible.

Kirovs were the reason why the Iowa class was let out of retirement for a time. It still is sailing, proving the Russian want more from it.

Russia's plan for its vast battlecruisers

Size is might, and the big ship is making a point to that end. These ships are war-wagons that allow Moscow to bristle them with missiles and anti-aircraft defenses. The combination makes it a dangerous surface combatant with an anti-sub warfare detail, according to 19 Forty-Five.

No notice of rail guns, drones, or lasers, and other exotic weapons yet, but the Soviets will give it more punch. The nuke power Kirov used to be part of the Cold War armada, which is a nuclear-powered ship that makes it rare. Petr Velikiy has 700 sailors who have done the patrols as the leading ship of the Northern Fleet, cites the Barents Observer.

Modernizing Kirov-class battlecruiser upgrades

Per Naval News, Russian might be planning new things for the class, with the renovations on Admiral Nakhimov getting completed. Modernized upgrades on the ship are planned to arm it with the new Kalibr and Oniks ship killer cruise missile on it.

The Kirov-class heavy battlecruiser will have surface-to-air missiles and anti-submarine weapons, with Otvet sub killers, but the Tsirkon superfast missile might get installed on it. Included in this renovation is the Petr Velikiy as well.

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Plans to have the Nakhimov updated and sea trials by 2023 are set, but Moscow might not get the dates right as planned.

Beginning of the Kirovs

Started in the 1970s and done by 1983, Nakhimov is the third of these large surface combatants made by the Baltic shipyard based in St. Petersberg. Once the sea trials started, it was ended in 1986, and it was made a part of the Soviet Navy in 1988 called Kalinin, its original designation, and later renamed in 1992 to its present designation.

According to the National Interest, they were not supposed to be missile cruisers, one of their primary functions was to combat American submarines with rockets and torpedoes. Launch tubes for SAMS and cruise missiles are onboard, armaments like guns, and a close-range 30-mm Gatling cannon. It was a heavy loadout of 72 missiles added to the guns.

Massive carrier a threat to others at sea

These heavily armed battlewagons would specialize in fighting US aircraft carriers with missiles to kill them. Though battlegroup with them as key elements never got done, Nimitz class type ships were not achieved by the Russians.

The Russians view big as good. It is 827 feet long, and 28,000 tons displacement for the Nakhimov is a threat to any ship, especially an aircraft carrier, serves as protection from a sub sneak attack with three ASW helicopters and patrol to stop subs.

Fast with dual power nuclear weapons that could muster 31 knots at top speed, cruise at 20 knots, and unlimited distance to operate as well.

The Kirov-class heavy battlecruiser is a brawler that has 352 vertical-launching cells added to the planned upgrades are coming. Most navies plan smaller ships, but Putin's behemoth is dangerous for any ship or submarine in the sea.

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