Joe Biden recently received flak due to his relationship with the press.

At a press conference where he discussed his administration's response to COVID-19, Biden decided to pass the floor to Jeffrey Zients, the coronavirus response coordinator for the White House.

Biden just finished thanking the governors for all their help amid the pandemic, and he asked Zients if there are officials that want to ask questions.

But before the governors could ask Zients about the Biden administration's COVID-19 response, he first asked the press to leave the room.

According to reports, Biden has a complicated relationship with the press. And the POTUS has also been accused of avoiding them so that they can't ask him questions.

According to Fox News, the POTUS previously implied that he is not the one that decides whether he could answer questions during a press conference or not. Instead, it is his handlers that make the call.

Still, hundreds of people that saw the video of Biden and Zients slammed the duo.

Joe Biden receives criticisms

One of them said accused Zients of not being reliable when it comes to covid-related information. After all, he was the one that delivered a severe illness and death statement about COVID-19.

Another person thinks that Biden isn't allowed to answer questions during his press conferences because he can't read the teleprompter fast enough.

Others accused the Biden administration of not being transparent and for causing fear among Americans.

Some critics also reposted Kamala Harris' promise that the first thing that she and Biden would do is get COVID-19 under control. However, almost an entire year has passed but this hasn't happened.

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Joe Biden mocked following 'Let's go, Brandon' chide

Other Biden critics poked fun at the president after a man from Michigan made an offensive comment during their phone call on Christmas Day.

The man ended his call with the POTUS with the words, "Let's go, Brandon," and Biden and his wife, Jill were taken aback by it.

"Let's go, Brandon" first circulated in the news in October after a reporter misheard some people at the NASCAR race cheering for race car driver Brandon Brown. However, the people were chanting a curse words at Biden.

According to CNN, the words "Let's go, Brandon" is equivalent to cursing on television and the fact that it was directed at Biden just made things worse.

To add fuel to the fire, the man that uttered the offensive remark claimed that he had the right to make fun of the president because of his freedom of speech.

Jared Schmek supports Donald Trump

Following the controversial exchange, the man went on to Steve Bannon's podcast. During their conversation, the man revealed that he's a Donald Trump supporter.

He also donned a red cap with the words "Make America Great Again" during the interview. The words were used as Trump's tagline when he ran for president in 2016.

The man also insisted that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump even though he and the ex-POTUS do not have any proof to support their claims, according to the Daily Beast.

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