The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more commonly known as PETA, is once again making headlines after releasing its latest campaign involving "human leather" which many are considering to be gruesome.

The nonprofit organization is famous for its frequent, controversial ways of raising awareness regarding animal rights. Its most recent move is the launch of a fake, satirical clothing store that is called "Urban Outraged," which is a reference to Urban Outfitters. The faux shop offers a variety of clothes that are made from "human" leather.

Human Skin Fashion Products

The products include bloodied jackets that feature human faces and boots with human teeth as their base. Every item in the shop is also named after the "slaughtered" human whose skin was used to manufacture the item.

"People are rightfully horrified by the idea of wearing human skin and the thought of it should make everyone's stomach turn just as much as wearing the skin of a cow, goat, sheep, or any other animal," said Peta in a released statement, USA Today reported.

PETA's latest campaign has caused many members of the public to wonder if they actually used real human skin to manufacture the products as seen in the faux shop. However, further inspection revealed that Urban Outraged is not a real store and was only designed by the global organization to make a statement.

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The animal rights group acknowledged that the store is part of its campaign to pressure companies such as Urban Outfitters and associated brands to stop offering products that take advantage of animals, such as leather goods.

Urban Outraged asks visitors questions such as, "Why is it OK to kill a cow for leather?" and "Why is it OK to raise sheep just to shear off their wool?" The fake shop also had an "Afterlife Collection" where it turned dead loved ones' skin into clothes for fashion, Snopes reported.

Fictional Reviews

The fake store's products also have fictional reviews to fill the pages for each item, with one saying that they were not really a boot person before but after seeing the Meg boots, she was glad to have worn them.

PETA previously used sexualized fruits designed to titillate viewers to promote veganism worldwide. In September, the organization released a 35-second clip that showed human fingers fondling the juicy core of orange, kiwi, avocado, and other plant-based foods. The types of foods included in the video were those believed to boost libido and stamina in the bedroom.

However, the sex-positive public service announcement was considered to be very toned down compared to PETA's previous attack campaign on the fashion industry. The campaign in question is known as the "Be a Sweater They Said" campaign that was launched with a video that ran for two-and-a-half minutes. PETA's senior vice president, Lisa Lange, narrated the video, taking viewers through the purportedly real-life footage of farms and factories worldwide.

The video showed animals being beaten into submission before being slaughtered for their skin, fur, and feathers, to be turned into products for human fashion, the New York Post reported.

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