After less than a year, most Joe Biden voters get buyer's remorse and disappointment. Critics say everything is unraveling, and the White House is crashing down. Polls are showing even the Democrat party cannot believe what they see, and worse, the vice-president had made it sink lower.

Their bet lost even with Biden's endorsement in the recent Virginia election. This causes panic about how the 2022 midterms would turn out to be terrifying to the DEMs.

Biden too old for 2024 election

Greg Swenson, Chair of Republicans Overseas, stated that the POTUS is getting stung by voter disappointment after his supposed victory last 2020 elections, reported the Express UK.

Swenson said that Donald Trump would capitalize on the self-inflicted wounds of his predecessor and a chance of another term being chucked out of the window. The president is too old when the 2024 elections come, and he'll be 82 years old, which is not a good thing,

In an interview on GB News, Swenson indicated it depends on whether he can win or not. The former president has been mocking the 46th president from Afghanistan to the border.

He added that the president wants to run despite his lack of sight due to his missteps. If he can win, it's a go, but other factors are pulling him back as Biden voters get buyer's remorse from failed policies.

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Polls show that voters don't want another lousy year or term because it is bad for Americans. Excuses are made and blame it on Trump and the Republican voters, but numbers are against another term, cited the Toys Matrix.

Most of the low poll numbers come from those in their twenties, and their input in the polls says it's a less than satisfactory first year.

President's first year a failure

If the voters say, they don't like another term and would not vote for him again. Expectations were failed big time when border problems and even law and order failed. Swenson remarked that Biden caused his downfall, making it easier for the former president to take shots and win. Shooting himself in the foot will allow anyone to win is a possibility.

During the first months to December, the White House made it easy for the likes of Trump to rip into their policies gone awry. This pushed his supporters to turn on the Democrats because they failed to provide what the former administration provided, noted the Economist.

A month ago, the ex-president laid out what Biden messed up and said they want him back. Trump stated that the pandemic is rampaging, there are not enough products in stores, and Americans fell in Afghanistan, and all of this happened under Biden's watch.

Biden gave his predecessor the weapons to aim at him, and the ex-President went in hard.

The last election was a victory for Joe Biden, but the GOP claimed electoral fraud, which had a backlash on his supporters and a failed attempt to kick him out of office permanently.

Critics of Biden said that his 7 million votes were unreliable and questioned what happened to all this support. Joe Biden voters get buyer's remorse due to a weak presidency and a shot at another term for Trump.

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